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  • Do you ship from Home?

    I have a daily UPS pickup account and am on first name basis with the UPS driver and even give tips around "holiday" time.
    Most f my products ship from manufacturers that I am a dealer for, but, a significant portion of items ship from my home "warehouse" and I have a ULINE account and stamp my boxes with my company name.
    Real classy look as your website name is on the UPS label and your boxes have your custom logo already on them......I really like it.

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    That's exactly how we operate--only we ship 100% from home. We joke that the UPS guys and the postal workers are our co-workers, as they are our only form of human contact during the business day! :)


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      I ship from home but only use USPS.

      Do you get free boxes and shipping supplies from UPS.

      My UPS driver is here almost every day with deliveries - so I know him well too.

      My postal carrier picks up my items each day - I only go to the post office if there are a LOT of items, or I have an express package or odd international shipment.

      My mileage expenses have dropped over $500 a year since I stopped driving to the post office every day (9 miles round trip)
      C Ekman
      Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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        Yes we ship from home - we only ship USPS and we use It's really all we need for our particular business.


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          I use too with my FedEx account incorporated. I get free supplies from USPS and from FedEx :) Great discount there as well.