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  • Release Notes May 2012

    Release Notes - May 2012

    We're proud to announce that we officially achived the Fedex Certification as a Fedex Compatible Solution Provider. As part of this process, we successfully migrated from Fedex API to Fedex Web Services, and are now able to offer Fedex SmartPost shipping methods.

    In the same way, on May 21st Avalara certified the integration of 3dcart with AvaTax, becoming an officially certified solution.

    We continue to work in our Endicia Label Server Integration and MailChimp integration. And currently working directly with Google to bring their Trusted Stores program to 3dcart merchants.


    512-a001 3dUpsell
    Our newest addon allows merchants to control targeted popups, page peels and sliding banners on their storefront.

    512-a002 Marketing App – Windsor Circle
    Windsor Circle's integration API connects 3dcart's Shopping Carts to a merchant's email marketing provider.

    512-a003 Marketing App – Mineful
    Get more orders from your customers using this powerful, automated, and transactional email marketing and segmentation tool.

    512-a004 Marketing App – Shopalize
    Shopalize helps online retailers increase social sharing and customer referrals to drive more traffic and sales from Facebook and Twitter to their stores.

    512-a005 Order Management – Bizelo
    Bizelo is the easiest way to manage your inventory across multiple stores and warehouses!

    Bug Fixes

    512-b001 Admin - Scheduled Exports
    The time range was invalid (01:00 to 24:00), changed to go from 00:00 to 23:00.

    512-b002 Payments - Checkout By Amazon
    The tax rate was being rounded to 2 decimals, causing it to be incorrect in some cases.

    512-b003 Frontend - QuickView
    Clicking on Quick View took visitor to the top of the page, changed to remain at the current position.

    512-b004 Payments - CIM credit transactions using CIM were not being processed because the original transaction id was not being passed.

    512-b005 Frontend - QuickSearch
    Any search with keywords that included brackets ("[" or "]") were returning an error.

    512-b006 My Account - Rewards
    Changed the link on the product image to redeem the product instead of redirecting to the product page.

    512-b007 Addons - Doba
    Automated Inventory synchronization was being interrupted for specific products.

    512-b008 Frontend - Daily Deal
    Items running out of stock were affecting the widget when inventory set to hide items out of stock.

    512-b009 API - GetProducts
    Removed custom characters that would cause issues, added CDATA around fields to allow for HTML on product descriptions.

    512-b0010 Mobile - Paypal Express
    A 404 error was being displayed when paying with Paypal Express via Mobile site for stores using 3 step checkout.


    512-i001 Frontend - Logged In As Customer Message
    A warning is displayed at the top of the site when when an administrator is logged in to a customer account.

    512-i002 Frontend - BreadCrumb Delimiter
    Added a new Store Language variable to define the category breadcrumb divider.

    512-i003 Payments - 3Delta Systems
    Updated 3DSI Payment integration to the latest version.

    512-i004 Payments - Checkout By Amazon
    Added the ability to capture the Phone Number on orders paid via CBA

    512-i005 SEO - Category Pages
    Appending "Page X" to the dynamic Meta description to avoid duplicate meta tags on categories with multiple pages.

    512-i006 Admin - Scheduled Exports
    New section under Store Modules to manage the existing scheduled exports.

    512-i007 Shipping - Fedex Smartpost
    Added new shipping methods for Fedex SmartPost

    512-i008 Frontend - RSS Feeds
    Updated feeds dates to RFC 822 format

    512-i009 Customers - Approve New Registrations
    New Store Setting added to auto-approve or request approval of customers registering with no customer groups.

    For questions, contact our Support or Sales Teams at 1-800-828-6650
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