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  • Release Notes October 2013

    Release Notes - October 2013 (6.0.1)

    Following up on the Version 6 release, we're going back to our monthly updates schedule. The Sep/Oct update (6.0.1) includes some minor bug fixes and improvements.

    Some of the highlights of 6.0.1 are the integration with STRIPE as a new supported payment processor and the improvement on XML Sitemaps to support stores with over 100k products.

    Bug Fixes

    1013-b001 Shipping - Canada Post
    Some Canada post methods were not showing up because Canada post doesn't return a Estimated Time in Transit for these.

    1013-b002 Categories - SmartCategories
    The Keyword based smartcategory allowed to leave the keyword field blank which would generate a timeout error on the category page. Now it would not pull any products in the smartcategory if the keyword is missing.

    1013-b003 Blog - Delete Post Permissions
    The delete permissions were associated to the manufacturer permission

    1013-b004 Paypal Express - Line Items
    The Paypal Express integration no longer submits the individual items to Paypal due to some limitations on paypal's side specific to orders with large quantities, fractional quantities, and special characters on product names.

    1013-b005 API - Recurring Orders
    The UpdateOrderStatus method was affecting Recurring Orders parent records, these are now ignored by the API UpdateOrderStatus method.

    1013-b006 Frontend - Category Crumbs
    The routine that builds the category crumb on the product page was taking a long time for items associated with more than 100 categories. The additional category crumbs will be ignored if the product is assigned to over 100 categories.

    1013-b007 Blog - Archive
    The blog archive page was listing only the posts that were associated with categories.

    1013-b008 Payments - Paypal Advanced
    The company name fields was not being passed to paypal advanced - COMPANYNAME


    1013-i001 Admin - Manufacturers Redirect Link
    New REDIRECT LINK field in the Manufacturer section to specify a 301 redirect from the Manufacturer page to a different URL.

    1013-i002 SEO - Manufacturers Page
    If a manufacturer page was deleted the system would return page with no information or products listed, now it returns a 404 page when the manufacturer no longer exists.

    1013-i003 Products - Q&A
    New link to "View All Q&A" that displays if there are more records than the number listed on the page. The view all popup has all the same features and buttons as the main product page.

    1013-i004 Canada Post - Label Manager
    If Canada Post is the only shipper used in the store, the Label Manager will automatically display the fields specific to Canada Post. Added automatic currency converter.

    1013-i005 Label Manager - Order Weight
    The total shipping weight is now pre-populated with the order weight field.

    1013-i006 Paypal PRO - Verified By Visa
    Added Verified by Visa support for Paypal Pro. Requires Cardinal Commerce account.

    1013-i007 Reviews - Hide Reviews with 0 rating
    New setting under STORE MODULES to hide the reviews block when product has zero reviews.

    1013-i008 Third Party - Godatafeed
    The Godatafeed integration now supports product variations from 3dcart's Advanced Options.

    1013-i009 SEO - Google Sitemap
    The XML Sitemap now supports stores with over 100,000 records, it generates a sitemap index and individual files of 50,000 records each.

    1013-i010 Payments - Stripe
    New integration with Stripe for credit card processing.

    1013-i011 SEO - URLs with trailing "/"
    URLs with a trailing "/" causing the page not to display properly, rule added to htaccess to 301 redirect to the page without the trailing "/".

    1013-i012 Frontend - View Cart
    On the View Cart page the 'Calculate Shipping' form is now submitted when the user hits "Enter" instead of using the GO button.

    1013-i013 Gift Registry - Expired Registry
    A new function was created to check if the registry has already expired, in this case the visitor will be redirected to an error informing that the registry has expired or no longer exists.

    1013-i014 Payments - Google Checkout
    The integration with Google Checkout/Wallet has been discontinued and removed from the system.

    1013-i015 Orders - Status Update
    When an order is being edited, the system will validate the order status before saving and if it has been updated to a different status while the order was being edited the system will provide an alert and refresh the page to reflect the new order status.

    1013-i016 Frontend - Page Crumbs
    Added id='catCrumbHomeLink' on the category crumb link for the home page, this allow control of the element via jQuery if needed.

    1013-i017 Purchase Orders - Warehouse Information
    The Purchase Orders reorder page will now display the Warehouse Information when available.