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Release Notes - May 2014

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  • Release Notes - May 2014

    Release Notes - May 2014 (6.3)

    We’ve been beta testing the eBay module for a few months now, and we're proud to announce that it's officially going live with our 6.3 version release. The eBay module is available for free to all 3dcart merchants on the Professional + or higher plans, and it will be found in their store modules page.

    The new plugin allows 3dcart merchants (who are also on eBay) to list their items from the 3dcart store onto their eBay account. From there, the items can be auctioned or set for buy now options and pretty much anything else you can do with eBay. Furthermore, the orders from the merchant’s eBay account can be set to download into the 3dcart store for processing in one centralized location, and more. Additional details can be found at,

    The 3dcart REST API is now in Beta, anyone interested in participating or getting more information about this, please email [email protected] with the subject "Rest API Beta".

    The HTML5 templates are now in the final stage before the official release, which is scheduled for next month. Our version 6.3 release includes many updates to the HTML5 templates, including Usability improvements to Common HTML5 Templates.

    The 6.3 release also includes some of the top requests from our Uservoice portal, specifically integration with UK Shipping Carriers and maximum length restriction for Text product options. Please continue to submit your ideas to help us maintain 3dcart as the best ecommerce solution in the market.

    New Features

    0514-i001 eBay Integration

    0514-i002 Frontend - Cache Control
    The system now automatically clears the cache when changing a Theme, using the Template Editor, or clicking on View Store from the Admin Panel.

    0514-i003 Products - Stock Alert for Advanced Options
    The Stock Alert email notifications now includes the details about the specific Advanced Options running out of stock.

    0514-i004 Shipping – Royal Mail and Parcelforce
    New integration for shipping rate calculation with Royal Mail and ParcelForce for UK Merchants.

    0514-i005 Products - Text Options Character Length
    The product options for Text box and Text Area now include the ability of specifying the maximum number of characters to be allowed on the field.

    0514-i006 Payments - PayU Latin America and PayU India Integrations
    New integration with PayU Latam PayU Latam | Online Payment Gateway Latin America and PayU India as supported payment methods.

    0514-i007 Payments -Dwolla Credit
    New integration with Dwolla Webhooks to support their new Dwolla Credit service.

    0514-i008 Realex Payment Integration
    New integration with Realex Payments as a supported payment method, Realex Payments - Home

    0514-i009 Interswitch Payment Integration
    New integration with Interswitch Nigeria as a supported payment method, Welcome To Interswitch | Interswitch Nigeria

    0514-i010 Bancard Paraguay Payment Integration
    New integration with Bancard Paraguay as a supported payment method.

    0514-i011 Apps - Restrictive Shipping Import / Export
    The Restrictive Shipping App from 3dcart now includes an Import / Export tool to update in batch the restrictions between shipping methods and products. Restrictive Shipping


    0514-b001 Fraudwatch - Fraud Rules
    The Fraudwatch Screening Rules were failing on Phone Orders when screening orders based on the AVS result from the payment gateway. The AVS rule can now be used properly on Phone Orders.

    0514-b002 Mobile Store - Shipping Tracking
    The links included on Shipped Order notification emails to track shipping were not working on mobile devices. This displays the tracking number progress properly now.

    0514-b003 Frontend - Search Results
    The product description was being truncated on the search results page at 255 characters. The search results will now display the entire product description when available on the template.

    0514-b004 Mobile Store - Custom File Names
    Using Custom File Names for category pages would cause the additional pages to redirect to the full site. For Product pages this was causing the thumbnails to not be displayed. The custom file names will now work properly by keeping the visitor on the mobile version of the site.

    0514-b005 Third Party - Advanced Shipping Manager
    Amount Totals submitted to ASM were not considering additional units of the same item. This transmits the correct totals now.
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