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Release Notes - August 2014

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  • Release Notes - August 2014

    Release Notes - August 2014 (6.4)

    Our August release includes a new payment solution, FuturePay, in addition to a few bug fixes. We are currently taking in beta testers for our Amazon Orders Sync add-on. Also, we’re looking for feedback from merchants who may have already implemented MasterPass on their stores before the official announcement from MasterCard at the end of this month.

    New Features

    0814-i001 Payments - FuturePay
    New integration with FuturePay, a Pay Later solution that allows consumers to check out on your site without using a credit card.

    0814-i002 Product Page - Option Parameters
    A new parameter preSelOpt is available in the product page querystring, this allows for a comma delimited list of option ids that will be pre-selected when loading the page.

    0814-i003 Front-end - Rewards Program
    New block FRAME_REWARDS available (for use on frame.html), which allows the store to display details about the Reward Points. The variables available are [total_points_account], [total_points_cart] and [total_points_balance].

    0814-i004 Customers Export - Affiliate ID
    The customers export CSV now includes the AFFILIATEID column that will provide the specific ID associated to any customer participating in the Affiliate Program.

    Bug Fixes

    0814-b001 301 Redirects on Mobile
    The Page Redirect was not allowing for old URLs associated to the Mobile storefront to be redirected to new pages. This has been corrected.

    0814-b002 Admin Panel - Session intermittently logged out
    If an admin user was logged into the admin panel and visited the front-end of the site at the same time, the admin session would be ended and the user logged out of the admin panel. This issue has been corrected and browsing the front-end of the site doesn't forces the admin user to log out any longer.

    0814-b003 Affiliate Report - Currency symbol not being used
    The affiliate report was not using the regional settings for the currency symbol. This has been corrected.

    0814-b004 Gift Registry - Facebook Connect
    Facebook Connect Login button was not an option for customers to login to their Gift Registry. This is available now.

    0814-b005 Rewards Program - Product Qty Options
    When using the rewards program to redeem items with points, the products using QTY options were not considering the point balance. This has been corrected and Qty Options are now compatible with the Rewards Program.

    0814-b006 Rewards Program - Not enough points error
    With the rewards program, redeeming an item with a quantity higher than 1 when the shopper didn't have enough points caused a loop in the error page. The system now displays the appropriate message when adding to the cart without enough points to cover the redemption, and the continue button takes the shopper back to the myaccount page.

    0814-b007 Front-end - Category Page Specific Top Sellers
    The Category specific top sellers features was not displaying the correct items when using Custom File Names on the product pages. This has been corrected and the category specific top sellers are now displayed properly.

    0814-b008 Payments - SagePay
    The integration with SagePay has been updated to transmit the items in the cart to SagePay.

    0814-b009 Zoomify
    The Zoomify feature has been discontinued and replaced with the 3dZoom solution.