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  • Release Notes 4.12.1

    Release Notes - 4.12.1

    Here are release notes for our 4.12.1 update that will be deployed mid-December.

    Some of the most relevant updates are the Add-on for ConstantContact integration, the product inventory log and "On Hold" stock, and the automatic Waiting List notification feature.

    Addons / Third-Party

    1212-a001 Payments - Pay4Me
    New Payment Gateway added, Pay4Me

    1212-a001 Email - Constant Contact by Cazoomi
    Automatic two-way sync between Constant Contact and 3dcart. Cazoomi compatible Shopping Cart Software | 3dcart App Store

    Bug Fixes

    1212-b001 Import - File Size Limit
    Changed the max size limit for the products import file to 32MB. It was set to 9.5MB and it was causing the import to be truncated sometimes.

    1212-b002 Payments - 95ePay
    The 95epay gateway has been updated to support their new security encryption.

    1212-b003 Payments - Paypal Express
    For paypal express errors, the system will now log any errors on the internal comments section for more complete troubleshooting.

    1212-b004 Payments - Linkpoint
    Support for the FirstData Linkpoint payment gateway has been discontinued, this will remain available for existing merchants, but new merchants will be require to use FirstData GGe4 gateway.

    1212-b005 Frontend - QuickCart
    Corrected a redirect issue when using Quick Cart from the search results pages, the search results would be cleared after adding an item to the cart.

    1212-b006 Checkout - Multiple Ship-To
    The credit card block was not showing up for specific payment gateways if the payment method had any country other than "All" specified.

    1212-b007 Mobile Admin
    The discount total wasn't considering coupon discounts, and in some instances would display the discount as $0.

    1212-b008 Add to Cart
    With Continue Shopping action under the Store Settings set to "referrer" and QuickCart enabled, the add to cart on category pages would redirect to home page then trigger Quick Cart. This has been fixed to keep the visitor in the category page.

    1212-b009 API
    System was crashing if "startnum" or "batchsize" parameters had zero (0)/

    1212-b010 API
    The API was not considering leading or trailing white space characters on product ID when requesting product information.

    1212-b011 Cache - Customer Groups
    When using customer groups with specific Price Levels, the "New Releases" and "Top Sellers" would get cached at Price Level 1 and not reflect the customer group specific prices.

    1212-b012 Checkout - eProduct
    Checkout was failing after successful payment if the eProduct had a serial number to be provided to the shoppers which contained some special characters.

    1212-b013 Frontend - Gift Registry
    The "personal message" wasn't available when visitors viewed the Gift Registry. Add a new variable [regMessage] for this. The variable has been added to the default template in the common folder.

    1212-b014 My Account - Rewards
    If customer's shipping address was blank then redeeming an item was returning an error. Now it takes the visitor to the update account page so they can enter an address first.

    1212-b015 Addons - Quickbooks Plugin
    The main product stock was not being updated when updating products in bulk that had stock control at the advanced options level.

    1212-b016 Addons - Vat Module
    If VAT module is enabled and product options have price, the price on the product page kept reverting every time a selection was made on the option dropdown.


    1212-i001 Orders - Invoince/Packing Slip
    New HTML variables are now available to reference data from the customer's account when available. [accountno], [additional_field1], [additional_field2] and [additional_field3]. This requires manually adding these variables to invoice_print.html or packing_print.html.

    1212-i002 Products - Inventory Log
    New log of inventory transactions is available on each product, by clicking on the STOCK number when editing a product, a popup window with the recent transactions affecting the stock of the product will be listed,

    1212-i003 Products - Inventory On Hold
    New "On Hold" stock value to be displayed next to the current Stock when editing a product to indicate the total number of units of the product that are allocated to open orders that have not been shipped or cancelled.

    1212-i004 Products - Waiting List Notification
    New Scheduled Task available under SETTINGS > GENERAL > STORE MODULES for Waiting List emails to be sent out automatically for all products that are back in-stock. Script runs once daily.

    1212-i005 Site Content - URL verification
    When creating an Extra Page under SETTINGS > DESIGN > SITE CONTENT, the link field will verify the URL entered and will display an error message if the URL returns a 404 page.

    1212-i006 Frontend - Sale Price
    New HTML variable [sale_percentage] to display percentage of savings from PRICE to SALE PRICE. This requires manually adding this variables to listing_0.html

    1212-i007 Frontend - View Cart Thumbnail
    New setting "Use Dropdown Image option as view cart thumbnail" under SETTINGS > GENERAL > STORE SETTINGS, to allow the image selected in the Dropdown Image product option to be displayed as the thumbnail of the product in the View Cart page.

    1212-i008 Orders - Phone Orders
    Adjusted the custom phone order item used to insert dynamic discounts when placing a phone order to automatically be "Free Shipping", this will prevent shipping calculation issues after applying a discount.

    1212-i009 Product Options - Templates
    The Product Options will now display a "Linked to Template" message below each option to indicate the option is linked to an option template and can be updated globally by updating the template.

    1212-i010 Imports - Last File Imported
    The Import/Export section will now display the last file imported at the top of import page, allowing easy access to imp_file.csv previously only available via FTP, the last import date will also be included.

    1212-i011 Customers - Address Type
    The Address type is now being saved on the customer and address book tables. A new field (oshipaddresstype) was added to the customers import/export, (Possible values: 1 = residential, 2 = commercial).

    1212-i012 Plugins Updates
    A SETTINGS button has been added next to LEARN MORE to allow easy access to installed plugins. AdShip, Truste, Shipworks and TrueShip plugins have been removed from the Admin Panel. These last 2 now integrate via 3dcart API and settings and manual export is no longer required.

    1212-i013 Usability - Products Inventory
    When the global Store Setting for inventory control is set to HIDE ITEMS a message will be displayed at the product level when editing a product regarding the Back Order and Waiting List options not being available.

    1212-i014 Mobile - Frontend
    Added ViewPort META tags so mobile store would scale to the user's device. Updated jQuery library to v1.7.
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    i saw the updates this afternoon. nice new feature set esp these

    1212-i002 Products - Inventory Log
    1212-i003 Products - Inventory On Hold

    Question on the address type
    1212-i011 Customers - Address Type

    Will this default to residential or is there logic in the address to verify business vs residential?


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      1212-i006 Frontend - Sale Price
      New HTML variable [sale_percentage] to display percentage of savings from PRICE to SALE PRICE. This requires manually adding this variables to listing_0.html
      Is there a similar variable from RETAIL PRICE to PRICE?

      Thanks for the update.