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Release Notes - 5.2.1

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  • Release Notes - 5.2.1

    Release Notes - 5.2.1
    The list of improvements and bug fixes from our version 5.2.1 is finally here. This month we have also launched "Share Your Purchase" a great addition to our FB Connect Add-on that helps increasing the social capabilities of your online store.

    Addons / Third-Party

    0213-a001 FB Connect - Share Your Purchase
    New module included on FB Connect to automatically prompt shoppers to share the products purchased via Facebook and Twiiter. More details at, Facebook Connect Service for Shopping Cart Software | 3dcart App Store

    0213-a002 Products - Option Rules
    New add-on that allows to define Parent-Child relationship between product options. More details at, Option Rules | 3dcart App Store

    0213-a003 Orders - Quick Order Pad
    3dcart's 'quick order form' app allows your customers to quickly add items to the cart by entering the Part Numbers. More details at, Quick Order Pad | 3dcart App Store

    0213-a004 Third Party - Doogma Designer
    Sell More Personalized and Custom Items with the Doogma Designer, by allowing shoppers to customize and preview your products with their own text and images. More details at, Doogma Designer | 3dcart App Store

    0213-a005 Third Party - ShipStation
    ShipStation is a powerful, yet surprisingly simple web-based, multi-channel, multi-carrier shipping solution designed to facilitate and speed the order fulfillment process for online retailers. ShipStation | 3dcart App Store

    Bug Fixes

    0213-b001 Shipping - Canada Post
    Canada post was retuning a higher than normal rate for products which weight was lower than 0.1 Kgs.

    0213-b002 Payments - Checkout By Amazon
    The CBA fulfillment script was failing to notify Amazon of shipment when shipping carrier and shipping method were over 50 characters. The length of the method is now being trimmed to the max 50 chars allowed by CBA.

    0213-b003 Orders - Verify Tax
    When verifying the tax calculation in an order, the "include shipping" and "include discount" flags were showing up inverted.

    0213-b003 Shipping - SmartPost Tracking
    Some tracking numbers provided by Fedex for SmartPost were being checked via USPS causing no information to be returned to visitors. These are now correctly mapped to Fedex.

    0213-b004 Products - One Time Fee option
    The "One Time Fee" product option was not being associated correctly to the product when used in combination with the "Qty" product option.

    0213-b005 Tax - Avalara
    The cart was not calculating taxes for Canada when one or more states were selected in the restriction list. This has been fixed to always check if country is CA.

    0213-b006 Payments - Paypal Advanced
    The "Address 2" field was not being received correctly for Paypal Payments Advanced.

    0213-b007 Frontend - QuickSearch
    Products requiring permission to "Buy" were not showing on the Quick Search results. These are displaying properly now.

    0213-b008 Frontend - Cache
    The cached frame of the site was not being updated properly to reflect content specific to "Registered Customers" that were not assigned to any customer group. This was preventing access restricted pages from displaying properly for logged in users.

    0213-b009 SEO - Custom File Names
    In some specific cases the default category page URLs wouldn't generate an automatic 301 redirect to the URL specified for the custom file name.

    0213-b010 Shipping - FreightQuote
    The freightquote module was not receiving the product dimensions, or the shipping markup specified under Shipping methods.


    0213-i001 API - Advanced API
    The Advanced API now returns the details of errors generated when submitting a bad query using the RunQuery API method.

    0213-i002 Payments - Instamed Connect
    New payment provider, Instamed Connect is available.

    0213-i003 Orders - Not Complete Orders
    Implemented tiered scripts for automatically removing not complete orders. 1 day for orders from the same IP address, 7 for orders with no items, 30 days for orders with no customer info, 60 days for all orders. The not complete orders that were assigned an invoice number and declined for payment will remain in the system indefinitely.

    0213-i004 Orders - Delete Orders
    There ability to DELETE orders from the main order search page can now be restrictied via User Permissions, this will completely remove the option to delete the orders from the Orders Search page to prevent users from unintentionally deleting orders.

    0213-i005 Affiliate Program - Payments
    The affiliates payments section on the Admin panel now includes the last 540 days of transanctions, this was increased from the previous 180 days limit.

    0213-i006 Orders - Ban IP Address
    When using the BAN IP link on an order the IP address will now automatically be added to Settings > General > IP security and automatically restrict access to the IP to the website.
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