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Release Notes - April 2013

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  • Release Notes - April 2013

    Release Notes - April 2013 (5.4.1)

    The 5.4.1 version update arrives one month and a half after our last release, but it has definitely been worth the wait. Any changes that were scheduled as part of 5.3.1 have been rolled to 5.4.1 and deployed as one release.

    In addition to many improvements and small bug fixes, this release includes great SEO enhancements to 3dcart's built-in Blog, like Custom File Names and Canonical URLs for the Blog pages. A major improvement is a completely new interface to open and manage Technical Support tickets directly from the Admin Panel, this promises to streamline and expedite response times for common support issues.

    A lot effort has been dedicated to 2 new solutions to boost usability on your 3dcart website, the first is the "Address Verification" add-on, which integrates seamlessly with the existing checkout process to help shoppers ensure the address entered is correct, eliminating many of the common mistakes made during checkout. And the 2nd is our new integration with Google's Re-Captcha which can be used for all Captcha validations across your website.

    Addons / Third-Party

    0413-a001 Add-on - Address Verification
    The new add-on allows shipping address to be verified during checkout against USPS database and offer automatic corrections to the shopper before completing the order. The add-on also retrieves Residential/Commercial address type and the 9 digit zip code. More details at, Address Verification Add-on Software | 3dcart App Store

    0413-a002 Third Party - Kount
    This new integration with Kount helps online businesses accept more good orders from more people in more places than ever before, eliminating the risk of fraudulent transactions. More details at, Kount Compatible Shopping Cart Software | 3dcart App Store

    Bug Fixes

    0413-b001 Customer - Import/Export
    The non-taxable field for the customer is now available for the Customers Export and Customer Import.

    0413-b002 Tax - By Zip
    Orders with 9 digit zip codes (zip + 4) where not returning any tax rates when doing a lookup to the Tax By Zip table.

    0413-b003 Frontend - Login
    A failed login attempt would generate a redirect loop error in specific browsers for stores with shared SSl certificate.

    0413-b004 Reports - Sales By Day
    The END DATE was being reset to today's date when doing a date range selection.

    0413-b005 Shipping - PO Box restriction
    The validation to prevent PO Box when the setting was enabled would still allow specific variation of PO Box address to complete checkout.

    0413-b006 Admin - Import
    CSV files generated with some specific applications would include double quotes around the column headers causing the system to reject the file because the headers didn't match the required columns.

    0413-b007 View Cart - Shipping Preview
    When no postal code was provided and the shipping preview form was submitted, the site was redirecting to the home page. It now remains on the view cart page.

    0413-b008 Third Party - Google Trusted Stores
    Google trusted stores feed now includes orders that have been split in multiple shipments.

    0413-b009 Payment - Virtual Merchant
    Shipping addresses over 20 characters would cause an order paid via VirtualMerchant to be declined, the checkout process now trims the address to 20 characters before submitting to VirtualMerchant.

    0413-b010 Marketing - Newsletter Manager
    Additional spaces on the email fields (REPLY TO or FROM) would prevent emails from being sent.

    0413-b011 Products - SEO
    Products with Custom File Names were not redirecting automatically to the new URL when the product was being access thru the dynamically generated HTML URL.

    0413-b012 Orders - Emails
    Order items with no images assigned to it would display a broken image, this has been updated to use DEFAULT.JPG as the image for the product.

    0413-b013 Plugin - 3dFeedback
    The 3dFeedback Categories were not sorted in the Frontend by the SORTING value defined in the Admin panel.

    0413-b014 Third Party - Bongo Checkout
    The Product's handling fee was not being considered for Bongo's Domestic Shipping calculation.

    0413-b015 My Account - Order History
    The page included a link to VIEW RMA that was redirecting to the wrong URL.

    0413-b016 Frontend - Categories
    Any parameters passed via the querystring were being removed when the store had Custom File Names enabled but the specific category was not using a custom file name for the URL. The parameters are now maintained on the page.

    0413-b017 Orders - Batch Print
    When the discounts_block and certificates_block section were used, these were not being removed from the Invoices when no coupon/certificates available.

    0413-b018 Plugin - FB Connect
    The Gift Registry login page was displaying the FB Connect login button even when the plugin was disabled.


    0413-i001 Admin - Support Tickets
    New Admin interface to submit Support Tickets directly for 3dcart Support.

    0413-i002 Plugins - Fulfillment By Amazon
    The FBA integration has been migrated from FWS to Amazon's MWS (Marketplace Web Service) allowing FBA integration to provide order and inventory synchronization.

    0413-i003 Templates - Language Variables
    The Store Language variables that are defined in the Admin panel and available to be used in the frontend templates now are not case sensitive, allowing these to be replaced in the templates.

    0413-i004 Product Options - Import/Export
    The Product Options import and export now include the fields associated with Kits/Bundles, optcatalogid and qty.

    0413-i005 Plugins - Autoship
    The Autoship plugin now allows to add products to existing recurring orders via the Admin panel.

    0413-i006 Plugins - Autoship
    When using the Autoship plugin, the checkout process will automatically enable the requirement for password and email when placing a recurring order.

    0413-i007 Frontend - Meta Tags
    Added closing "/" to dynamic meta tags in the frontend to follow HTML5 standards.

    0413-i008 Third Party - Stone Edge
    Implemented Token support for Stone Edge's PCI compliant version.

    0413-i009 Payment - PayU
    New payment gateway PayU India has been integrated.

    0413-i0010 Frontend - Wish List
    The Wish List login page now enforces an HTTPS secure connection to login.

    0413-i0011 Plugins - Option Rules
    The "One time fee" option type is now compatible with the option rules plugin.

    0413-i012 Shipping - DHL
    DHL's server has been updated to continue support DHL for international rates.

    0413-i013 Blog - SEO
    Canonical URLs have been implemented for Blog Posts, Blog Categories and Blog Archive pages.

    0413-i014 Blog - Categories
    Blog categories now allow the use of Custom File Names, Page Titles and Category Header/Footer sections.

    0413-i015 Blog - Articles
    Blog articles now allow the use of Custom File Names.

    0413-i016 Frontend - Re-Captcha
    This new integration with Google's Re-captcha provides a powerful alternative to the default captcha validation currently used on 3dcart stores.

    0413-i017 Admin - Interface
    New date picker component installed for the calendar component used across the Admin panel.

    0413-i018 Third Party - Godatafeed
    New fields available in the Godatafeed integration, Ship Cost, Extra Fields 11, 12 and 13.
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    Thanks Jimmy. This looks like a very solid release. Particularly excited about Re-Captcha (your notes look like you pasted the wrong line of info about it, though. It refers to SEO stuff)


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      Any estimate on when the roll out will be complete?

      Very excited about the improvements to the blog. The ticket system being integrated with the admin will be much more convenient too.

      Thanks for continuing to improve and upgrade!


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        All 3dcart stores will be migrated by the end of the week.

        Starting on this update, the version number no longer displays in the footer of the Admin panel. It has been relocated to the Settings > General > Store Settings section.