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Release Notes June 2016 - 7.2.4

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  • Release Notes June 2016 - 7.2.4

    3dCart Release Notes
    Version: 7.2.4
    Date Release Begins: 06/08/2016

    Total Bugs Addressed: 56

    Below is a brief summary of some of the issues that are being corrected with this release, scheduled to begin deployment this week.
    • Ebay integration - A product identifier option has been added to the listing template, this will include options for GTIN, MPN, and "Does not apply".
    • Design improvements have been applied to the "Change plan" and the "thank you" pages within the store manager.
    • Design improvements have been made to the demo store experience.
    • Design improvements have been applied to the support ticket submission process from within the store manager.
    • Recurring orders module: A new option has been added to allow merchants to require shoppers to register account when placing recurring orders. This feature works independently of the global email/password requirement option.
    • The CRM (Customer Relations) section of the store manager has had several design improvements applied.
    • Disabling CBA was causing the Amazon order import scripts to become disabled as well.
    • Corrected an issue that was affecting FedEx shipping rate display for some users.
    • Theme previews were not loading correctly on the themes & styles page in the store manager.
    • Corrected an instance where IP canonicalization would reactivate without merchant action.
    • Corrected an issue affecting recurring order users that had their payment gateways set to authorize only yet still had recurring orders charged on schedule.
    • Corrected an issue where multiple store sync was not syncing correctly for some specific users.
    • CBA orders were not returning correct Taxcloud rates.
    • Addressed an issue where users utilizing 3 decimal places were unable to specify 3 decimals when editing an invoice.
    • Addressed an issue for Canada post users with dropshippers that was causing dimensions to be misrepresented.
    • Corrected an issue where customers on price level 2 were not eligible for promotions.
    • Fixed an issue causing the distributor email notification to fail under certain conditions.
    • Checkout V2 was not enforcing the phone umber requirement or international orders when this option was enabled.
    • Additional improvements have been made to the WYSIWYG editor to provide more stability and remove automatic formatting (span tags, etc)
    • Some users were getting 404 errors when selecting preview in the theme selection page.
    • Corrected an issue preventing some users from creating emails for a new autoresponder campaign.
    • The activity log for amazon fulfillment scripts has been restyled.
    • Corrected an issue that was resulting in the Prev/Next links on the product page to hide under some conditions.
    • Corrected an issue when importing products where the RMA max period would be set to 0 for imported records.
    • The Prev/Next links on blog pages were not working correctly when the blog title contained a question mark.
    • The quick design bar was not allowing users to add images to the store.
    • Advanced search on the orders page was not properly searching distributors in some cases.
    • Fixed a broken link during the CA post registration process.
    • Paypal Standard and Express payment methods erroneously had a description field in the method settings page which caused some confusion for some merchants. This has been removed.
    • Corrected an issue with the internal store search (In the admin) where attempting search without any search parameters was resulting in a 3dcart error.

    Thank you for your continued support and feedback in helping us make 3dCart the very best platform that it can be. If you have any questions regarding your store; you can reach our support team any time, day or night via the following:

    24/7/365 Phone support: 800.828.6650 x1
    Email Support and Knowledge Base:

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    Thank you for these monthly updates. Its nice to be able to see what's going on!