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Release Notes January 2017 - 7.4.2

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  • Release Notes January 2017 - 7.4.2

    HAPPY 2017!

    3dcart Release Notes
    Version: V7.4.2
    Date Release Begins: 1/19/2017

    Total Bugs Addressed: 52

    Below is a brief summary of some of the issues that are being corrected with this release.
    • [ISSUE-4908] - 3dBoost: Fixed issue with mouse tracking pop up trigger
    • [ISSUE-5041] - 3dBoost: Fixed wording on popup timer trigger which was labeled incorrectly stating that it would work using a 0 value
    • [ISSUE-5047] - Amazon Order Sync Script: Fixed Timing Out issue that was preventing proper synchronization.
    • [ISSUE-5152] - Amazon Order Sync Script: International Orders were adding a blank character to the Address2 line
    • [ISSUE-5031] - Amazon Payments: Seller Order ID (on Amazon) now reflects the the 3dcart store order invoice number.
    • [ISSUE-4982] - Autoresponder: Fixed broken links on emails
    • [ISSUE-4998] - CAPTCHA: When using IE, the contact us form was clearing all data when verification word was incorrect. All other browsers were preserving form fields.
    • [ISSUE-5018] - Checkout: Corrected issue where proceeding to checkout was randomly dropping contents of the cart
    • [ISSUE-4937] - Custom Shipping Methods: Fixed issue where methods would not display when products from different distributors were in the order
    • [ISSUE-5002] - eBay Module: Database field size was preventing some users from listing products with advanced variations on eBay
    • [ISSUE-5010] - eBay Module: Fixed an "Invalid Ship Date" error during shipping updates
    • [ISSUE-4928] - Endicia: When processing Endicia, the postback (update to the cart) was not taking place.
    • [ISSUE-4966] - FedEx SmartPost: Users were unable to print labels for certain Smartpost shipping methods.
    • [ISSUE-5228] - Make An Offer: Fixed error when clicking on the "More Details" link
    • [ISSUE-4840] - Multiple Stores Plugin: Adding item(s) to an already processed order did not update inventory on synchronized stores
    • [ISSUE-4977] - My Shortcuts: When editing a shortcut title the url was being truncated
    • [ISSUE-5148] - Offline Payment Methods: Toggling payment method on/off was indirectly causing notifications on Scheduled Script to toggle as well.
    • [ISSUE-5109] - Online Store Manager: Fixed Address2 formatting in the Merchant Billing Screen
    • [ISSUE-4945] - Option Templates: Product Option Templates were not respecting the set sorting when added to a product.
    • [ISSUE-5080] - Order Search: Fixed random instances of "Our Apologies" page when searching for and attempting to open a specific order
    • [ISSUE-5005] - Packing Slip : Multiple package split shipment numbers were not showing
    • [ISSUE-5135] - Payment Gateway: Multicards - Gateway was not showing order details
    • [ISSUE-5011] - Payment Gateway: Payfort - Fixed error when checking out with gateway
    • [ISSUE-4980] - Payment Gateway: Paymentech Orbital Gateway - Canadian customers could not update credit cards.
    • [ISSUE-5172] - Payment Gateway: PayPal Advanced - Fixed problem with "Error 500 object Object" messages
    • [ISSUE-5106] - Payment Gateway: PayPal Payments Pro - Users were experiencing trouble when attempting to complete checkout
    • [ISSUE-5014] - Payment Gateway: WorldPay - Fixed issue where users were unable to save multiple tokens
    • [ISSUE-4973] - Phone Orders: Corrected save token text present with tokenized gateways.
    • [ISSUE-4944] - Phone Orders: Fixed blank screen that appeared when browsing store from phone orders
    • [ISSUE-5035] - Phone Orders: Fixed random instances of "Our Apologies" page when attempting to process phone orders
    • [ISSUE-5114] - Phone Orders: Fixed random instances of "Our Apologies" page when viewing billing tab on Phone Orders
    • [ISSUE-5113] - Phone Orders: When adding a new customer during phone order creation, store credit variables were being shown on page.
    • [ISSUE-5155] - POS App: Orders were missing timestamps which caused errors when importing into shipstation.
    • [ISSUE-4871] - Power Reviews: Added new SEO friendly URLs to PowerReview Feeds
    • [ISSUE-5073] - Power Reviews: Corrected issues with Feed Headers
    • [ISSUE-5137] - Product Images: Fixed issue where deleting an image from Image Gallery would remove thumbnail
    • [ISSUE-5210] - Product Listing: Removed store caching that was previously added to product listing pages
    • [ISSUE-5203] - Qty/Discount prices not updating when different options with values are chosen
    • [ISSUE-5033] - QuickCart: Corrected issue that occurred when continue shopping is set to "referrer" and QuickCart is enabled shopper was being re-directed to quickcart in full screen
    • [ISSUE-5043] - Reports: Fixed 500 Error when accessing "Orders Vs Promo Code" marketing report
    • [ISSUE-4991] - Reports: Inventory Reports can now be sorted properly
    • [ISSUE-4955] - Reports: Inventory reports now correctly showing product name and option name instead of only option names.
    • [ISSUE-5169] - Reports: Sales vs Profit Order Report was not reporting total product costs
    • [ISSUE-4893] - Rest API: Fixed Issues where PUT requests on customer records was sometimes causing the record to get disabled
    • [ISSUE-4962] - Rest API: Fixed issues where users were reporting server error message when attempting GET requests
    • [ISSUE-5118] - Rest API: Fixed issues where users were reporting server error when attempting PUT requests on Products
    • [ISSUE-5246] - Shipping Labels: Corrected an error message that occurred when trying to print Shipping Label
    • [ISSUE-5119] - Split Shipments: Fixed random instances of "Our Apologies" page when when attempting to view a split shipment
    • [ISSUE-5051] - Store credits: Fixed order calculation section which was causing confusion in how it displayed applied credit.
    • [ISSUE-5076] - Template/Theme: Fixed "Home" breadcrumb link found on myaccount.asp's template page
    • [ISSUE-4987] - Template/Theme: Mobile Menu was not working on some themes.
    • [ISSUE-4850] - Virtual Terminal: Fixed errors that occurred when charging tokenized cards in virtual terminal
    Thank you for your continued support and feedback in helping us make 3dCart the very best platform that it can be. If you have any questions regarding your store; you can reach our support team any time, day or night via the following:

    24/7/365 Phone support: 800.828.6650 x1
    Email Support and Knowledge Base: