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Version 7.5.0 Roll Out Begins today

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  • Version 7.5.0 Roll Out Begins today

    Version 7.5.0 Primer

    Hi Everyone!

    We’ll have formally written release notes soon, but we just wanted to give everyone a quick “heads up” of what’s arriving with the new 7.5.0 version that begins rolling out today.

    Some slight Admin Changes (Don’t panic!)

    First and foremost, we have some newly designed admin pages. They’re basically redesigned with expandable and collapsible sections to make them a bit more streamlined and efficient to use. The functions are still the same, but the presentation is just a little easier to digest. These include the following sections of the admin:
    • Products >Categories
    • Content >Blog (Also Blog Categories and Blog Settings)
    • Settings >Shipping >Shipping Settings
    • Settings >Payment >Payment Methods
    • Product - Advanced Options
    A Quicker Way of Adding Products!

    Also, the process of adding a new product has been slightly updated to be more efficient as well. When you go to Products >Product List and click on “Add New” at the top, you’ll now be taken to a minified page that allows you to set basic details of the product like the product name, description, type, categories, images, inventory, dimensions and options – ALL ON THE SAME PAGE. (No more TABS!) Then, after the product is created, you may go to it afterwards and edit it in the tabbed function you’re already familiar with.

    New Functions!

    This new version will also include the following updated features and settings to be aware of:
    • Orders:
      Print separate Invoice and Packing Slips for Split Shipments.
    • Product Review Module:
      Product Review Sorting. Allow visitors to sort product reviews by low ratings, high ratings and helpfulness.
    • Product SEO tab: Product Canonical URL.
      Allows you to specify a custom canonical URL for the individual product as needed.
    • Products: Add New Category from the Selection Pop up Modal
      When selecting a category for the product, you can now also create the category from the selection popup.
    • Custom Shipping - Custom by Zip Code Wildcard:
      When using the Custom by Zip option, you can now enter an asterisk wildcard to include portions of a zip code. For example, 333* will handle all zip codes from 33300 to 33399.
    • Store Settings - Minimum Qty to Checkout:
      Allows you to specify a minimum amount of items to be added to cart before checkout is allowed. Similar to minimum $ amount to checkout.
    • Newsletters - Double Opt-in for Mailing List
      When subscribing from your store front, users will now need to also click on a confirmation email in order to finish subscribing to your mailing list.
    • Newsletters - Scheduling and Background Processes
      Newsletter sending now happens in scheduled and background process instead of at the moment of hitting “Send” in the admin (and using up a lot of user time before the page refreshes). Secondly, reports have been updated to include click throughs and order amounts from newsletter campaigns.
    • New Payment Method - Square Payments
      KB Article is forthcoming. The basic process to add the payment method is to simply go to settings >payment >payment methods, add Square as new payment method and click on the button to sign up/sign in to Square. We’re also working on the Square Register for POS integration next.
    • Updated Integration for Mailchimp
      Allows for Mailchimp’s Ecommerce Newsletters where you can connect your store to Mailchimp and use their great ecommerce features like abandoned cart messages, product recommendations and more. (Note: some ecommerce features from MailChimp may require additional fees. See for more details) KB Article is forthcoming. Basic process involves going to modules to integrate MailChimp v2, connecting your store to your Mailchimp account and synchronizing your carts, products, orders and customers.
    New Add-Ons!

    We are also introducing the following new App Store Add-On functions in this version. (Will be in the app store soon!)
    • Advanced Options Price Configuration
      We’ve updated this app store add on to include the ability to add Product Dimensions (height, width, length) on the product’s advanced options as well as set pricing for the advanced options based on your store’s customer pricing groups.
    • Product Sample:
      Allows you to display a “Request a Sample” button on select products with custom details on the sample product’s ID, name, and price.No need for separate products as the sample is simply an offering that is based off of your parent product.Your shoppers can then add the sample as a purchase to their cart.Examples include food and supplement samples (coffee, tea, vitamins), fragrances, cleaners and other consumable products.
    Again, we’ll have the formally written release notes (including bug fix lists) and knowledgebase articles out to you soon. In the meantime, if you notice any issues with your store after receiving the 7.5.0 update, please contact our support team immediately!

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