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Release Notes May 2017 - 7.6.0

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  • Release Notes May 2017 - 7.6.0

    The latest version 7.6.0 has begun its roll-out today, and includes the following updates and improvements. As we continue updating documentation and articles to reflect these new functions and features, we'll update this list accordingly with appropriate links to information pages as applicable.

    New Features - Brand new features never before possible on 3dcart
    • Houzz Integration:
      Integration with the houzz Home Design Network allowing merchants to import their Houzz orders into their 3dcart store for centralization. Available as an add on app or with the higher tier account. Click here for set up details
    Feature Updates - Updates and improvements to existing 3dcart tools and functions
    • Recurring Orders/Autoship:
      New settings to send your customer a reminder email x days before order recurs. (Requires Autoship App Purchase)
      Click here for updated KB article
    • Checkout Questions:
      Create specific questions based on Product Category for order items.
      Click here for updated KB article
    • Saved Cart:
      Customer creating the saved cart will also have the ability to email Saved Cart to another individual so that they may order the same item(s).
      Click here for updated KB article
    • Affiliate Program:
      Custom variable to allow the referring affiliate to be displayed on the site
      (variable details available here)
    • Waiting List:
      When selecting an advanced option that is out of stock, the store can now offer the "Put me on the Waiting List" option.
    • Advanced Options:
      Custom Variables to show product GTIN on Advanced options on Product Listing Page
      (variable details available here)
    • New Releases/Top Sellers:
      Custom variable to show free shipping icon on New Releases/Top Sellers
      Use the following code block: <!--START: freeshippingblock-->[freeshipping]<!--END: freeshippingblock-->
      (variable is included in default template from common.)
    • ReCAPTCHA:
      Updates to version 2 which includes "I am not a robot" and Invisible ReCAPTCHA options.
      Click here for updated KB article (see bottom half)
    • Virtual Terminal:
      Merchants can now leave notes on Virtual Terminal transactions.
      The system will also email customer when an update is made to them via VT. (Email may be disabled as needed.)
      Click here for updated KB article
    • Scheduled Export:
      Frequencies have been updated to include 1 to 30 day increments as well.
      (Was previously 1 to 24 hour increments only)
    • Inventory Manager:
      Ability to mark products as Home Special from the Inventory Manager as well as update each product's "Stock Alert" qty.
      Includes, a new meter showing how far the product is from reaching its respective stock alert.
      Click here for updated KB article
    • Reward Points:
      Product options with additional value will now update the reward point amount on product page.
      (Previously reward points were still awarded, but not displayed as options were selected)
    • Free Shipping:
      Updates to Free Shipping Settings to exclude wholesale and other pricing groups as well as exclude individual states as needed.
      Click here for updated KB article (See "Free Shipping Settings " section.)
    • Pre-Defined Boxes:
      Box settings have been updated to include USPS Flat Rate Mailing Options if USPS credentials are present on the store.
      Click here for updated KB article
    • UPS Shipping Methods:
      Added UPS Surepost shipping methods
    • Automation Rules:
      Updates allowing for the inclusion of Shipping Methods, Distributor, Payment Method and up to 5 selected products to act as Automation Rule Triggers. Also added Order status changes as Automation Rule actions.
      Click here for updated article
    • Multiple Distributors App:
      Updates allowing the ability to change distributor and item cost at the order level as well as send distributor email on demand as needed.
      (Requires Multiple distributor add on purchase)
    Improvements - General Improvements to the software and its functions
    • New Sales Report:
      "First Repeat Order" report which will show which orders are for first time users or repeat users. This report may be found under Reports>Sales and will be labeled "First Repeat Orders" Please Note that this report will work only on orders taking place after your store is updated to 7.6.0
    • Customer Registration Page:
      Previously, errors on registration page (i.e. incorrect CAPTCHA, not selecting a state, not entering required item, etc) would cause the page to redirect to an error page and reset the form. Now the form will remain in view, thereby preserving the data already entered so the customer can easily update whatever was missing.
    • Template Editor:
      Click the Save button while editing a template no longer moves you from the template page. Instead you are kept on the template to let you make additional changes as needed.
    • Admin Support Chat Function:
      Updated the chat function merchants can use to chat with 3dcart support. It is now powered by Livezilla and will provide more a real-time chat experience. UPDATE: Unfortunately the chat function we had planned to use became unstable and was taken off in favor of the existing chat we were already using. We are currently in the process of re-visiting the addition of a new support chat function to the admin.
    • New Admin AJAX (Beta):
      A new experimental feature in the admin that will serve admin pages using Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX). This is a technique that is intended to keep certain portions of the admin cached to help navigation behave more quickly. Please note that this functionality is still under Beta and may be turned on or off as needed from your admin's login menu.
      Click here for details
    Admin Design - Cosmetic and Design changes made to the Online Store Manager
    • Shipping Methods Page:
      Redesigned to be more streamlined and with collapsible/expandable sections for carrier methods.
    • Webhooks:
      The page where you create webhooks has been re-designed to offer a more compact look and feel.
    • Admin Panel Pages:
      Minor cosmetic change. All admin pages have been updated with a light gray title background at the top.
    • Wizard:
      The Admin start up wizard has been re-designed to offer a cleaner look and feel.
    Payment Modules - New or Updated Payment methods on the store
    • New Payment Option: Apple Pay
      (click here for set up instructions)
    • New Payment Option: ZipPay
      (click here for set up instructions)
    • Authorize.Net:
      Added ability to use the Authorize.Net "Accept.js" hosted option
    • PayPal/Braintree:
      Link to allow manual entering of credentials for non-us customers
    Our applicable articles and documents have been updated to reflect these new functions and features. Please refer to the embedded links above for information.
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    A lot of great feature enhancements! I'm looking forward to this update greatly.


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      Checkout Questions based on Category! woo0OOT! Very nice!