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Release Notes March 2018 - v8.1

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  • Release Notes March 2018 - v8.1

    3dcart Version 8.1 Release Notes
    Next week (3/26/2018), we are anticipating the release of 3dcart version 8.1.
    Aside from addressing and applying fixes to various bugs and cart issues, this release also encompasses the following changes and additions to the 3dcart service.

    Payment Methods
    These updates add new ways for you to collect payment on your stores!
    • Accept Google Pay in Your Online Store
      A new module that adds the Google Pay solution for Android Mobile users and Desktop users. It uses their saved card on Google Wallet to pay for the orders. The Google Pay integration is currently available for the Stripe payment option, however additional payment options will be available in the future. Full details can be found at
      • For instructions on setting up Google Pay on your store, please click here
    • 3-D Secure 2.0 Cardinal Commerce Integration
      3dcart now supports 3-D Secure 2.0 through Cardinal Commerce's integration. This includes Verified By Visa, Mastercard Secure, American Express SafeKey and Discover ProtectBuy. More information is available at
      • Knowledgebase Instructions are found here
    • PayPal Express Checkout - Guest
      We added a new function to PayPal Express that allows for their "Guest Checkout" option. This allows the shopper to check out with PayPal Express without the need of creating an account on PayPal.
      • Instructions on setting up PayPal Express can be found here
        (Note, this Guest checkout update will also apply to PayPal Payments Pro which automatically adds PayPal Express.)
    • Affirm Payment Gateway
      Affirm is a loan payment type solution for orders over $50 where the shopper can sign up with Affirm and pay them for the order in installments. Meanwhile, the merchant is paid in full and can ship the item as usual.
      • Click here for the KB on adding Affirm to your store
    • Heartland Payment Gateway
      New payment gateway for Heartland Payments that can be selected from the drop down when adding your Payment methods
    New Features and Integrations
    Version 8.1 also introduces the following new features and updates to your store:
    • Pre-Orders Module
      This module will allow merchants to take orders for products that aren't released yet. The module is available on Pro plans and higher, and requires a tokenized gateway. It provides some automation for the task of pre-orders. At purchase, the shopper's card is pre-authorized for the amount, and - as the product becomes available, the order moves into New status and the funds are captured.
      • Click here for Knowledgebase Instructions
    • Square POS Integration
      We're proud to announce a New Module that brings integration to 3dcart merchants of the Point of Sale system provided by Square. Import the 3dcart products to the Square POS system, or vice/versa. Inventory control is synced between the 2 systems when items are purchased from either one.
      • For instructions on setting it up, click here
    • Drip Integration
      Drip is a complete marketing automation solution, from personalized email marketing and workflows, to intelligent Facebook Ads. Our integration allows you to synchronize subscribers and purchases (called "events") directly from 3dcart into Drip. More details at
      • For setup instructions, click here
    • "Signature Required" option for USPS Labels
      Merchants can use "Signature Required" when creating their USPS labels directly from the 3dcart admin interface.
      • Click here for help with setting up the DYMO | Endicia Integration
    • New Australia Post Integration
      We updated the API that we connect to for Australia Post shipping rates to their latest version.
      • Click here for instructions on setting up Australia Post
    Online Store Manager Updates
    And you will see these new functions inside the 3dcart Online Store Manager!
    • 2 Factor Authentication for the Admin Panel
      Allows admin users to set up 2-Factor authentication (2FA) for their admin logins using either Google or Authy. When enabled, they log into their admin as usual and then they need to enter a six-digit token that's generated by the authenticator app on their phone. This way, if their password is somehow compromised, there's an extra level to the login because they will also need their cell phone with the authenticator app to successfully log in.
      • Click here to learn how to set this up on your 3dcart Online Store Manager
    • Streamlined Phone Orders System
      A completely redesigned phone orders system, with a single-page process that has dynamic searches for customers and products to help your team increase productivity when processing orders from the admin panel, very efficient for B2B ecommerce. Currently in Beta so you can switch between the current phone order system and the new experience.
      • Click here to learn how!
    • Category Filter for Automation Rules
      A new addition to Automation Rules that allows to use product categories as filters to identify orders that will trigger the automation rules.
      • For more information on setting up Automation Rules, click here
    • Preset Data Exports
      We made changes to the orders, product and customer exports where the default export is a preset file with only the main columns, optimized for performance and providing faster CSV exports.
      • Click here for more information
    • Canonical URL for Extra Pages
      Having Canonical URLs enabled in the SEO Tools section will now extend to Extra Pages as well.
    Various Bug and Issue Fixes
    Among the various fixes applied in this release, the following issues have been addressed:
    • Mailchimp refusing campaigns
    • Amazon orders are duplicating
    • Recaptcha version shutdown notice
    • The "one time fee" feature redirects you to a 404 error page when the option is clicked on in the view cart page
    • Print reports shows title overlapping
    • And many more
    As mentioned, this rollout begins next week and we hope to have all stores updated to the new version quickly so you can use these new functions as promptly as possible!
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    Really looking forward to the new Phone Order system! This has been in need of some serious rework for some time.


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      Does the 2-factor authentication allow users to do something like remember this device for 30 days, similar to when using 2FA to log in to Gmail, for example? Or would we need to input the authentication code every time we access our store?
      - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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        Hi, DeanP!

        Thanks for the question!

        At release time, the 2FA function won't have the "Remember this device" ability. Users will need the input the token each time the admin is accessed. However it's a new function and evolving, so we may add the extra functionality further on down the road. Thanks again for the question!