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Release Notes October 2018 - v8.3

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  • Release Notes October 2018 - v8.3

    Today we will begin a limited release of version 8.3 of the 3dcart software, with a full rollout expected in the next few weeks.

    8.3 is a smaller update than normal and will be the final major release for 2018. It will contain the following:

    New & Updated Payment Gateways
    • Fattmerchant Payment Gateway Integration:
      A brand new integration with Fattmerchant
    • AlliedWallet QuickPay Integration:
      An update to AliiedWallet's integration with 3dcart using the latest QuickPay integration.
    • Stripe JS:
      A new update to the previous Stripe payment integration allowing merchants to use the latest JS API.

    Improvements & Enhancements
    • CSV Exports Enhancment:
      In 8.2, a change was made to have Product, Customer and Order CSV exports occur via background processes. In this version, the same function has been added to all CSV exports including IP Security, Reviews, 301 Redirects, etc. Additionally, the export process will no longer take you to a middle page (where you enter your email address for notification). Instead, you are taken directly to the Import/Export Status page where you can view the progress of the import/export and also opt for notification when the process is done.
    • CSV Imports Enhancement:
      Similarly, the CSV import process is also now done via scheduled background processes. As you import the file, the system will upload it and let it run in the background (allowing you to continue working in the admin). As with the export function, you may also opt to be notified of when the import process is completed.
    • eProduct Module:
      A new setting has been added to the eProduct module, allowing you to specify a status that the order must be placed in before the system provides the shopper with a download link. This is intended to prevent situations where an order may be fraudulent, but the product is already downloaded by the shopper the moment the order is placed. Additionally, the serial number process has been updated to run more efficiently and separately from the store's order process. Previously, stores with a large number of serial numbers and eProducts would experience checkout issues due to the serial number process interfering with checkout.
    • Reward Points Module:
      Similarly, a new setting has been added to the Reward Points module, allowing you to specify a status that the order must be placed in before the system awards the shopper with their points. This way, a shopper cannot use points right away when placing an order that ultimately turns out to be fraudulent.
    • Shipping Methods:
      A new Shipping setting has been added to let you have ALL shipping methods/rates displayed on the checkout page at once. Previously, the only option was to have the shipping rates shown/hidden while grouped together by their respective carrier.
    • Promotion Manager:
      You can now make multiple customer groups eligible for a promotion. Previously, the system would only allow you to make the promotion eligible for all customer groups, customers not in any group (none) or one specific customer group.
    • Make-an-Offer:
      New setting will allow merchants to submit a counter offer to the shopper. Previously, only accept and decline were allowed.
    • Log changes:
      A new log will appear at the bottom of the Order, Customer and Product Detail pages showing any changes made to details of those pages.
    • Product Q&A:
      When reviewing product questions that have been posted, a new filter has been added to let you see unanswered questions.
    • Fraudwatch Screening Rules:
      A new screening rule selection has been added allowing you to screen out orders based on the number of failed transaction attempts.
    As mentioned, the update will begin rolling out to a limited number of stores today, and we expect a full rollout to be completed in the next few weeks. Be on the look out for the new version and please be sure to contact support right away if you experience any issues with the new version.
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    I love the new rewards, thank you for all the hard work!


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      Just checking to see if you guys are running test orders through Stripe for some of us? I have two tests from [email protected] that just showed up in my Stripe account that I did not initiate (both failed). I am not on version 8.3 yet either. Thanks!


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        Hi Danab

        I've been advised by the developers that these are just routine tests that were done for the Stripe integration and nothing to worry about.
        Thanks for bringing it to my attention!


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          3dcart-Henry Thanks so much for checking on that for me. =)