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  • Version 9 Release Notes

    Version 9 is here!

    This week we will begin the slow rollout of version 9 to the 3dcart platform. While your stores receive the update in the next few weeks, you will have access to the following updates and improvements.

    New Payment Gateways
    • Ad Hoc Payment Gateway
      For the first time in 3dcart history, payment gateway developers can now create Ad Hoc payment gateways for their merchant clients using 3dcart. This means that - if 3dcart is not yet integrated with a particular payment gateway - developers from that service can create a REST API enabled App that will be used as the payment gateway for the end-user. Payment gateway developers can begin the process by joining the 3dcart Developer Portal here:
    • Sezzle Pay
      An Easy to use and secure payment service that allows shoppers to buy now and pay later for their orders through payment installments.
      Learn more here.
    • Paynamics Gateway Integration
      A brand new integration with Paynamics for merchants who would like to use that service
      Learn more here.
    Updated Payment Gateways
    • Stripe API Update
      An update to the API that we connect to for Stripe Payments. This new API will allow use of Stripe on Phone Orders as well as Virtual Terminal.
      Learn more here.
    • Google Pay
      An update to the way we integrate with Google Pay so that we now use their API v2.0 as well as platform authentication (thereby removing the need to include a merchant ID in the setup) Updated KB Article may be found here.
    • eWay
      An update was made to the hostname 3dcart connects to for eWay which will make their eventual update to AWS easier in the near future
      Knowledgebase Article can be found here.
    • Paypal Braintree Improvement
      Several updates made to the PayPal Braintree integration to use their latest API (JSv3). These updates faciliate the use of Braintree in the Virtual Terminal as well as the ability to include Kount fraud protection services (from Braintree) on orders. Due to this update, shoppers will also no longer need to enter Postal Code on the credit card section when completing their orders. Learn more here.
    New Features
    • Freshdesk Integration
      Allows merchants to link their store to Freshdesk; a cloud-based helpdesk software which streamlines customer conversations across channels like email, social media, phone and chat. More information can be found here
    • Google Address Autofill for Core Checkout
      Allows merchants to include Google's Address Autofill functionality to the checkout pages which will let shoppers quickly fill their order form by selecting matching addresses based on the first few digits of the street address they enter. More information can be found here.
    • Share-a-Sale Plugin
      Allows merchants to automatically integrate their store with their Share-a-Sale account and add the appropriate conversion tracking information to the checkout pages.
    • AliExpress Chrome Extension
      This integration comes in the form of a special Chrome browser extension that will allow merchants to import items form AliExpress into their store. When shoppers purchase these items, merchants can then export the order to AliExpress and have the order shipped to their customer directly from AliExpress. More information can be found here.
    • DNS Records Manipulation
      Another 3dcart first. We will now allow store owners to manipulate their DNS records to include MX and TXT records changes as needed. Learn how here.
    • Carrier Delivery Notification
      A special scripting that will check shipped orders and their tracking information on UPS, FedEx and USPS. As orders are sent out for delivery form the carrier and/or ultimately delivered to their doorstep, an email will trigger to the shopper to notify them of the event. Learn more here.
    • Email Bounceback Management + DKIM
      Two new tools that will help prevent store emails from being mistaken as spam by Internet Service Providers.
      (details here.)

    Updates & Enhancements
    • Admin Home Loading Improvement
      We've optimized the Online Store Manager's home page a bit to make it load more efficiently. This will hopefully allow for quicker access to the important parts of your Store (order processing, products, etc) when first logging in.
    • Enhancement: Show changes to orders/products/customers
      Orders, Product, and Customer Records will now contain a log of changes saved to those pages. Including Who made the changes, What was changed, and When the changes were made. Details here.
    • Recurring Order Improvements
      Several improvements to the Autoship Add on including:
      • Adding Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly recurrence entries
      • Allow shoppers to change the frequency from View Cart before the order is placed
      • Allow merchants to specify a set number of recurrences (i.e. 6 month subscription)
      • A brand new Recurring Order Dashboard to help you concentrate on your store's recurring order data.
    • Shipping Carrier Sorting
      Previously, shipping carriers could be sorted as desired, but Custom/Offline Shipping methods (by Weight, by Value, etc) were delegated to always be on top. On Version 9, merchants can now also sort Custom shipping methods to be displayed in whichever order they wish. Click here for KB Article.
    • Promotions Module Improvement
      A new functionality added to the promotion manager which will let promotions be applied ot the order from URL. Rather than having your customer enter a promorion code on the view cart or checkout pages, a simple "click here to apply coupon" set up can be achieved. Learn more here.
    • Address Verification on Phone Orders
      Users of the Address Verification add on can now also use its benefits when adding a new customer record to the store via phone order.
    • Waiting List Export and My Account Page
      Two new updates to the Waiting List function that allow the shopper to review and delete their own Waiting List items whenever they desire as well as a new function that allows the merchant to export the store's waiting list items for inventory replenishment purposes. Updated KB articles here and here
    • Square POS Integration - Webhook fallback
      When a Square POS order goes through, it is supposed to also update the 3dcart store's inventory on those products. However, if that update were to fail, there's no "retry" mechanism in place at Square to try it again. Therefore, we've added a new script that will use webhooks to compare orders on SquarePOS with what's on the 3dcart store and update inventory accordingly.
    • File Manager Improvements
      We have completely redesigned the 3dcart File Manager to provide an enhanced user experience while uploading product photos in your online store.
    • Link Admin Users to Sales Rep table and add filters.
      A new setting on the Admin Users permissions screen that will let you link the admin user to a Sales Rep. This will then limit the sales representative's admin access to the appropriate permissions. Click here to learn more.

    As mentioned, the release will begin a slow release soon and we expect to have all stores updated within the next few weeks.
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    Good stuff here. This is appreciated. Thank you.


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      Enhancement: Show changes to orders/products/customers
      Orders, Product, and Customer Records will now contain a log of changes saved to those pages. Including Who made the changes, What was changed, and When the changes were made.
      Will this show changes that were made by API?


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        Hi JoeBTI

        Thanks for the question!
        Yes, it will show changes made via REST API apps. It will show the time of the change, the name of the REST API App and what was changed.


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          How about SOAP?


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            The change log feature was not developed with SOAP API in mind. Although some older apps still use SOAP, it is an older API and has been more or less deprecated. The focus and direction we are following is with REST API Apps. We still have internal logging for SOAP related calls, but this new function in the admin is specifically tailored to include REST API calls.