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  • Recently reported Phishing Scam

    Hi all,

    Please be aware of this phishing scam we just had reported. The email looks legitimate, and the site it links to also looks real, but it's actually pointing to a fake site asking users to log into their 3dcart account.

    The message looks like this:


    The link then goes to a shortened URL which ultimately resolves to a *.ru site that is mocked up to look like a real 3dcart site. Presumably, if you attempt to log into your "store" on this site, the login information is stolen.

    We are in the process of placing counter-measures in place to prevent people getting caught by this scam, but we wanted to give everyone a "heads up" about this message. If you see it, ignore it. And of course, when in doubt about a message's validity, CALL US! We'll be able to tell you right away if it's a legitimate message or not.