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  • Version 9.1 Release Notes

    Version 9.1 is here!

    We've begun the process of slowly rolling out version 9.1 to 3dcart stores. We anticipate all stores will be updated in the next few weeks. With version 9.1, merchants can take advantage of the following updates.
    (Note: Documentation is still pending for many of these and we will update links to instruction pages as they are completed)


    • Affirm Change to Modal Checkout
      Affirm finance payment method was updated to be shown in a modal format instead of a redirect.
    • PayPal by Braintree - Payment Method Name Dynamic Display
      When paying using PayPal by Braintree, the shopper has the option to select Credit Card, PayPal or PayPal Credit as their payment option. Previously, the order displayed the order as paid via PayPal by Braintree, regardless of which Braintree option was used. Now it will display the actual Braintree method selected.

    • Multiple Store Admin Login (KB)
      Allows merchants with multiple stores to easily switch back and forth between their store admin logins. (Note stores must each be on 9.1 for this to work)
    • Free Shipping Settings - Exclude by manufacturer and category (KB)
      New options were added to allow free shipping exclusions based on product manufacturers and categories
    • Product Page Video Gallery (KB)
      Products can now contain more than one video (in the images tab). Multiple videos will be displayed in a modal with its own carousel of videos.
    • HTML Builder ( KB)
      We added an alternative to the WYSIWYG editor on the home page as well as Site Content pages
    • Hosted Payment Page (KB)
      This feature allows a merchant to send a payment request to their customers. It is useful for when they need to send an invoice to a customer and want to make it easy for the customer to pay them. Requires Stripe JS and a Core Theme.
    • Tax Code CSV Import/Export (KB)
      Allows store owners to import their tax ZIP codes and codes via CSV file. Export is also available.
    • Show delivery estimate (KB)
      This new add-on will allow shoppers to get an estimate of when the product will arrive to their location. They will have the opportunity to get the estimate directly from the product page, without having to add the item to the cart. Requires Google Places API Key and FedEx or UPS shipping integration.
    • Front-end Advanced Search (KB)
      This add-on allows merchants to have faceted search on their store front and greatly speeds up search results. With a faceted search, shoppers can filter search results by Price, Free Shipping, On Sale, Manufacturer, Category and Review data.
    • Mega Menu Builder (KB IN PROGRESS)
      This new plugin/add-on will let merchants create a dynamic menu on their site that can be in the form of a flyout menu, a column display or tabbed display.
    • FedEx Hold at Location (KB)
      Merchants using real-time FedEx shipping on their store can now offer their customer the option of having the item shipped to a FedEx holding location rather than their home (to be picked up at the shopper's convenience).
    • FedEx Return Labels (KB)
      Merchants using FedEx can issue return labels to their shoppers that request RMA.
    • First Time/Repeat Customer (KB)
      While viewing your orders, the customer information section will let you see at a glance if the customer is a first time or repeat customer.
    • Scheduled Promo (KB)
      Allows 3dcart store owners (Pro plan and higher) to set automatic start and end dates in advance for sales and promotions.
    • Phone Order "Get a Quote" System (KB)
      While taking a phone order, a merchant (on Pro Plan or Higher) can choose "Quote" instead of a payment method to create the order as a quote. The merchant's customer will then receive an email with the quote details and can follow up to complete the order.
    • Order/Invoice Notes (KB)
      Allows you to add notes to each individual product within an order as needed.

    • POS - Integrate Stripe with card reader
      Our POS app was updated to allow use with Stripe's card reader. (Note, you will need to update your installation of the app)
    • Google Address Autofill for Core Checkout (phone order) (UPDATED KB)
      Follow up from v9. Google Address Autofill was added to phone orders when adding a new customer record.
    • Tradegecko Update – Easier Onboarding (UPDATED KB)
      The Tradegecko onboarding process can be done with the click of a button instead of manually entering credentials.
    • Enable VAT tax globally (UPDATED KB)
      VAT tax has been included on all accounts for a while, but it was still setup internally as an add-on. We've enabled it by default on all accounts.
    • Updating the Layout of Content Editor
      Some changes were implemented to the layout of content page editing to facilitate the new HTML builder as well as streamlining navigation a bit more. Small navigational changes were also made to include things like Store Language in Content and other small changes.
    • File Manager search all folders from grid page
      Previously, searching the file manager would only return results from the folder you were in at the time. Now, the searches will look through sub-folders as well.
    • Blog Pagination (UPDATED KB)
      Pagination on the home page of the blog for easier reading of archived articles.
    • Blog Subscribe To (UPDATED KB)
      Users can subscribe to the blog and receive an email when a new article is released.
      (Note: Available on Plus plans and higher)
    • Product Reviews
      Updates to the way reviews are displayed for users. Now they are shown with a grid and filtering that lets you see reviews based on their star ratings. Also "load More" buttons to help keep the review tab tidy
    • ASM Export Filter by Distributor
      Advanced Shipping Manager (ASM) users can export their products filtered by distributor.
    • Delivery Calendar Per Product
      Allows the Delivery Calendar Add-on to be applied at the product level, rather than checkout.
    • Make an Offer Comment Variable to Email
      Merchants can add the following variable to the make an offer email templates so that they contain the offer's comments:

    As mentioned, this release will take place over the next coming weeks and you will begin seeing these new features available to your stores soon.
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    Nice!!! Thank You!


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      Multiple Store Admin Login
      Would this work if stores are under different merchant accounts?


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        Hi JoeBTI

        The multi store admin login will work as long as each store is on version 9.1 and you have a working login to each admin. So even if one of your stores is on a lower plan than the other, it should still work. They just both need to be on 9.1

        We should have the KB article finished soon to give you a better idea of how it'll be set up. I'll update the entry in the notes above as soon as that's done.