Release Notes: v10.0.0 & v10.0.1

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  • Release Notes: v10.0.0 & v10.0.1

    January and the first half of February see the release of versions 10.0.0 and 10.0.1 which introduce the following.

    • SEO Stats for Product Page, Category Page, Blog Categories and Posts, & Extra Pages
      Available on Plus Plans and higher, this module will grab information from Google Analytics, and Google Webmaster, to let the store owner know the traffic and other information that a store’s page receives. (KB)
    • Facebook Ads Module Updates
      Updates made to the Facebook Ads module to use Graph API v3.3 as well as other improvements to the module.
    • Checkout Additional Fees
      This new module (available on Pro plans and higher) will allow merchants to create checkout questions that incur additional charges to the order. This can be useful to merchants during, for example, situations where there's a bulk customized product order and you'd like to offer the chance for the shopper to pay extra for a rush on the order. The checkout question could be tailored to have options for standard production and express production for an additional cost. If selected, the additional cost is then recalculated onto the order total and used for checkout. (KB)
    • Restrictive Shipping Export/Import Modification
      Modification to the Export/Import function on Restricted Shipping module allowing merchants to see and use the Product ID of the products as well as the full name of the shipping method. (Previously the CSV file had only the catalogid and the generic name of the shipping method) Via the CSV file, merchants will be able to insert and update their shipping restrictions more easily. (KB)
    • Product Stock Level for Unpaid Orders Edit
      New setting to allow merchants to decide whether inventory is deducted on unpaid orders or not. Previously, all completed orders - even those in the unpaid status - would deduct from inventory. This setting will allow merchants to have the option of disabling inventory deduction just for Unpaid orders. (KB)
    • Amazon Integration Adjustment - PII Data Handling
      Update to the Amazon Order Sync Module. Amazon Data Protection Rules now strictly state that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) must be deleted after a set amount of time has passed. The Amazon Order Sync module has been updated to update Amazon synch orders that are 30-days or older and replace their PII with "Amazon Replaced" (Similar to GDPR). The order and their respective amounts will be preserved for record keeping, but the personally identifiable information will be replaced including the customer names, addresses and phone numbers. (KB)
    • Minor fixes/updates

    • Minor fixes/updates

    As always, thank you for choosing 3dcart!