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  • Release Notes: v10.0.4

    This week sees the release 10.0.4 which includes the following.

    • Coupon Stacking Controls
      A new setting (Override Non-Stackable Promos) has been added to promotion manager. This setting will allow the promotion to be combined with another promotion - even if that second promotion is set to Non-Stackable. (Updated KB)
    • Lucene Search
      A new option was added to the store's search function to allow Lucene Search. Intended for stores with LARGE catalogs, this option will act as a dedicated search database for the store front, rather than having search queries done on the store's main database. (KB)
    • Shipping Address Type Verification
      An update to the Address Verification App, which will take the customer's full address into account and return rates based on whether the address is commercial or residential. They will then be shown the applicable rates. (KB - See FAQ section)
    • Recurring Order Update - Promotion Handling
      The recurring order module has been adjusted to more accurately calculate promotional discounts on recurrences. If the promotion's discount is based on a percentage (and you also choose to have the discount carried into the recurrences), the store will check the adjusted dollar value of the products in the recurring order to determine the new promotional discount. (Previously, the promotional discount was calculated based on the total order value of the original order and did not take into account changes to product prices.) Furthermore, the promotion or coupon code details from the original order will be carried over into the recurrences and reflected in the Promotion section of the order, confirmation email and invoice.
    • Category Permissions for Multiple Customer Groups
      We've added the ability to grant access permissions to categories for multiple customer groups. Category access permission options are now All, Registered Users (Customers who do not belong to a specific group), or Select Specific - which will allow you to select individual or multiple customer groups.
    • Drip API Modification
      Modifications were made to the current 3dcart/DRIP API Integration to implement Drip's Shopper Activity methods. Drip users can now mark the "Synch Shopper Activity" checkbox in their Module to send the following activity information to their Drip service:

      -Cart Activity (not completed carts)
      -Order Activity (New and canceled orders for Drip's Customer LTV metric)
      -Product Activity (Product updates for things like "Price Drop" emails on Drip.)

      Additionally, you will be able to see the synchronization status for these elements from the module as well. (KB)
    • Minor fixes/updates

    As always, thank you for choosing 3dcart!
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    Looks good.

    Packaging and Shipping Supply Specialists


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      Concerning the Lucene Search, can you define what is a large catalog ?


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        Hi nicolas_t

        We weren't given an exact/defined number, but one of the stores that it was initially tested on has over 25,000 items.

        The basic idea behind lucene search is to have the search queries and results (on the store front) handled by a different database rather than the store's main database. On some of the larger stores, the search would either be really slow, or bog things down on the main server so bad that it would cascade into other issues like site slowness or errors. So lucene was set up as a way to have the search done on a separate database server.

        Now, we mention large catalogs in the KB and release note, but the setting itself is available on any plan. You don't necessarily have to have a ton of products to use it. Perhaps you have a high traffic store and having LOTS of people searching all at the same time could potentially bog things down on the main database as well.

        It really shouldn't hurt anything by turning it on. In fact, from a resource allocation point of view, it's not a bad idea to have searches done on a separate server. It's just that the overall effect may not be very noticeable in some cases. I'd say - if you've had issues or complaints about your store front's search - try lucene search and see if that helps!