Release Notes: v10.0.5 to 10.1.0

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  • Release Notes: v10.0.5 to 10.1.0

    This week sees the release of 3dcart version 10.1.0. Below are release notes for versions 10.0.5 to 10.1.0

    • Phone Orders
      Change made to Phone Order System to display Customer Group name after customer is selected.
    • Minor fixes/updates

    • Minor fixes/updates

    • Minor fixes/updates

    • Payment Button Checkout Header
      A new header was added to single page checkout template for Payment button methods like Amazon & Google Pay where the payment method is represented as a button. By default the header says "Checkout With" but the wording can be changed via Store Language on the "Header-checkoutwith" label.
    • GDPR/DataPrivacy Toolkit
      The GDPR Module was renamed to Data Privacy Toolkit
    • Payment Method/Customer Group Restriction
      The ability was added to assign individual payment methods to multiple customer groups. Previously, it could only be assigned to one group at a time.
    • Stripe Payment Intents
      New Payment Integration for Stripe Payment Intents. (KB)
    • Minor fixes/updates

    • Blog Post Export CSV
      The ability to export Blog posts was added.
    • Blog HTML Builder
      HTML Builder was added to the blog feature allowing for easier post creation.
    • DNS Manager Update
      DNS manager was updated to allow additional DNS records to be added including A, CNAME, and SRV records. (KB)
    • CanadaPost End of Day Manifest
      CanadaPost End of Day Manifest interface was updated to include actions for transmit of the manifest as well as viewing it. (KB)
    • Minor fixes/updates

    • Minor fixes/updates

    On behalf of the everyone here at 3dcart (and working remotely), we hope you're all staying safe and healthy!