Release Notes: v10.1.1 to 10.1.4

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  • Release Notes: v10.1.1 to 10.1.4

    This week sees the release of 3dcart version 10.1.4. Below are release notes for versions 10.1.1 to 10.1.4

    • Minor fixes/updates

    • Minor fixes/updates

    • Mixed Pack Option Type
      New Product Option Type which allows merchants to offer a mixed pack of item options. Their customers can select multiple styles of a product and order them as a single case or package. (KB)
    • Minor fixes/updates

    • SEO Adjustments/Improvements
      A wide collection of improvements have been made to the SEO functions of store product and content pages.
      • Automatic Custom File Names
        When a new product, category, blog, manufacturer or content page is created, the store will automatically take the name of the page and append .html to create a custom file name for it.
        • Only affects NEW products. Existing Products are not being changed
        • Custom File Names can still be edited
        • Will also applied to products added via CSV import
      • Custom File Name Validation
        Custom File Names have been given validation to ensure they maintain SEO compatibility.
        • As a new custom file name is created, special characters will not be used (i.e. #%& spaces). They will either be removed or replaced with a hyphen.
        • Also, duplicate names will not be used. For example, if a product is created with "test" as its name, the automatic custom file name will be test.html. If a second product is added and also called "test," the system will default to the old way of creating the URL/Filename (productname_p_catalogid.html)
      • Automatic 301 Redirects
        If an existing custom file name is changed, the system will automatically create a 301 redirect to point the old name to the new custom file name.
      • Unmapped Page
        The 301 redirects Unmapped Pages section now includes time stamps for the unmapped items as well as a batch delete capability.
      • SEO Page Title/Meta Tag Counter
        As you type the Page Title, you will see a counter showing how many characters are in it. The limit is 60 characters but it is only a recommendation. You can still type more, but the counter will tell you as you go over. The same thing was added to Meta Tag in the tag wizard, but that limit is 150 characters.
      • Browse by Price Pages
        These pages now have SEO tools added to them. (Title, custom file name, etc)
      • Meta Tags Wizard
        Any content page that has an SEO section will also have the “Meta Tags Wizard” on it. This has been updated so that it is only the Meta Description. No longer has Abstract or Keywords. For products you can still enter keywords in the Information Tab
      • Blog Pagination
        Previously, if you clicked on page 2 of the blog and then clicked back to go on page 1, the URL would say blog.asp?page=1. It now goes to blog.asp when you click on page 1.
      • Product Index, Category Index, Manufacturer Index
        These pages all now have unique meta description data. Previously, the page title would say [store_name] and [store_slogan] for each index page. Now the title for each is [store_name] [store_slogan] | [index_page].
      • Product SEO Tab and Category SEO Tab
        The SEO Tabs for Products and Categories now have an H1 tag that will let you replace the H1 title on the product or category page. Normally the store would take the product/category name itself and make it the displayed H1 title on the page. Now you may change it and add your own as needed while keeping the product’s name intact.
      • Main Image Alt Tag
        The main product image’s CAPTION field has been replaced with Alt Tag to let you specify the image alt tag. If left blank, it will default to the product name itself as it has always done before.
      • Non Secure HTTP Warning
        When saving page content (i.e Product Descriptions, Extra Pages, Blog Posts, etc) that contains non-secure items using http:// instead of https://, the store will bring up a warning popup to let you know non secure HTTP content was found. You can still save the content as is, but the warning will let you know in case it’s something you’ve overlooked.
      • Hidden Items
        Hidden items are removed from the store’s sitemap. This also includes items that may require specific login (pricing groups) levels to view or items that have a 301 redirect set.
    • Minor fixes/updates

    On behalf of the everyone here at 3dcart (and still working remotely), we hope you're all staying safe and healthy! Thank you for choosing 3dcart!
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    Just had a thought that you may have already accounted for. When you create a new product by cloning an old one, the original filename has always copied to the new item. If you edit the main product attributes, save it and go to the SEO tab to change the filename, will a 301 redirect then be created which will cause problems with the original product?


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      Hi bzeltzer

      It looks like the developers did in fact account for this. I just tested duplicating a product and it did not copy the custom file name along with it.

      Hope that answers your question!