Release Notes: version 10.2.5

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  • Release Notes: version 10.2.5

    3dcart version 10.2.5
    Below are release notes for version 10.2.5
    • The following issues have been resolved
      • Intermittent issue with the Sales Representative module where Sales Reps were not getting properly assigned to phone orders.
      • Issues with the Restrictive Shipping module where cloned products were not seeing restriction options.
      • A minor issue where an ASP error was being generated on the bottom of the thank you for your order page.
      • An isolated issue with the "Default to Residential Rates" option where the cart was not performing correctly
      • An issue with CRM where in some cases the merchant was unable to reply to their ticket
      • A problem that would sometimes cause AMP errors on blog pages
      • Rest API - Unable to add/update Shipment Internal Comments
      • CRM report showing 1 when the system has no ticket.
      • Using HTML5 V2 checkout the "same as billing" was not expanding when UNSELECTED
      • An issue with Hosted Payment Page that would occur when certain dollar amounts/values were added.
      • Random issue where applying promotion code gives error at checkout.
      • Some Saved carts are not loading up the order
      • Rest API - Card Number field not returning CC last 4 digits
      • Recurring orders dashboard overview data incorrect
      • Core Theme - On Manufacturer page, page heading and breadcrumb is "Search Results" instead of manufacturer name
      • USPS Flat Rate International Envelope rate added to calculation methods
      • Phone order - product image was showing broken if there were spaces on file name
      • Rest API - Increases timeout on get order request
    We hope you enjoy these and other improvements we're working on for your stores. Thank you for choosing 3dcart!