Release Notes:version 10.2.10

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  • Release Notes:version 10.2.10

    3dcart version 10.2.10
    Below are release notes for version 10.2.10
    • Highlights
      • JQuery updated from version 3.4.1 to version 3.5.1
    • The following issues have been resolved
      • Slow to import Houzz Integration files.
      • Importing product CSV file does not update Shipping Restrictions.
      • REST API Orders not returning the last four digits of credit cards, resulting on issues with fraud detection systems as well.
      • Checkout page not indicating password as a required field for Amazon Pay when “Password is required” is checked in store settings.
      • Category wide options missing after adding product to the cart.
      • Product price doubles when duplicating an order for a second time.
      • Address Validation module showing end-of-life cycle error.
    We hope you enjoy these and other improvements we're working on for your stores. Thank you for choosing 3dcart!

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    Can you tell us which browser best to use? Asking because it appears you are not testing on all browsers.