Release Notes: version 10.2.12

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  • Release Notes: version 10.2.12

    3dcart version 10.2.12
    Below are release notes for version 10.2.12
    • Highlights
      • Linkedin added to the SEO Tools Social Bookmaking Page.
    • The following issues have been resolved
      • Error onboarding to PayPal Checkout.
      • Virtual Terminal issue when using Braintree.
      • API calls and Phone Order page errors in trial stores.
      • Products created in the Phone Order page showing price 0.00.
      • Error on blog pages when page file name contains a “/”.
      • Product external image not showing on checkout page.
      • Affirm message not showing in product page after option change.
      • Error when sending RMA email instructions for deleted products.
      • Product Import/Export issues when using Shipping Restrictions.
      • Product price does not update when customer reorders after product option price change.
      • Doba inventory synchronization timeout.
      • Customer changes in not completed orders do not update on Store Manager.
    We hope you enjoy these and other improvements we're working on for your stores. Thank you for choosing 3dcart!