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  • Shift4Shop version 11.2.0

    Below are release notes for version 11.2.0.

    The following issues have been resolved:
    • Waiting List: the Bulk Delete functionality within the Waiting List feature would not delete items. This functionality now works as expected.
    • Hosted Payments: this page did not show Order Summary if the following three apps were enabled: checkout additional fees plugin, surcharge payment plugin enable, Shift4 Payment method is enabled
    • Checkout: USPS Rates - Shift4Shop now provides USPS shipping rates for all valid U.S. zip codes (5 digit or 9 digit) no matter how the customer provides them during checkout (with or without dashes).

      Checkout Step: Shipping Information

      Shipping Information.png

      Acceptable Formats

      Accepted Formats.png
    • Category Wide Product Options: when using Category Wide Product Options on the CORE template and all options were required, customers were able to bypass product options and add products to cart without selecting required options.
      If product options are required now a customer will be prompted to select the options before adding the product to cart. Additionally, “select options” were not showing up correctly for products with category wide product options.

      Product Category Page: Select Options

      Select Options.png

      Product Category Page: Required Selections
      Required Options.png

    We hope you enjoy these and other improvements we're working on for your stores. Thank you for choosing Shift4Shop!

    How are we doing?
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