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    Dear Shift4Shop Payment Merchants,

    In our efforts to continuously improve fraud prevention we are excited to announce the release of our new fraud risk tool. We’ve partnered with Kount to help evaluate the risk of each transaction and provide a risk profile with the details.

    Kount is a leading provider of AI-driven fraud prevention and digital identity solutions. Trusted by more than 9,000 leading e-commerce brands and payment providers, Kount delivers real-time fraud prevention powered by a global network analyzing 32 billion annual interactions in order to customize user experiences across the spectrum of trust, from frictionless experiences to blocking fraud.

    How does Kount work?

    As the order is placed on the store, Kount starts collecting and analyzing various data points in order to accurately predict the risk attributed to the order. All payment transactions are sent to Kount prior to the Shift4 payment processing. We’ve created a Knowledge Base article around the full details of the process.

    Release Timeline
    • On March 15th, 2021: released the initial version of Kount to all Shift4Payment merchants. If you are signed up for Shift4 Payments, you can now see the Kount module on the Order Details page when editing an order.
    • On July 12th, 2021: Shift4Shop will deploy the second stage of this integration, which will automatically analyze, approve or decline transactions associated with a high risk of fraud.

    Why are we implementing Kount?

    Kount offers a much more advanced fraud management tool than Fraudwatch. Working with over 9,000 e-commerce brands and reviewing over 125 billion transactions since 2007, Kount is a leader in fraud management.

    How is Kount different from Fraud Watch?

    The main difference is that Kount is a powerful AI-driven tool that uses global rules across multiple platforms managed by Shift4Shop. The Kount platform has collected data across far more transactions with access to over 9,000 merchants than FraudWatch.

    FraudWatch is a homegrown tool analyzing limited advanced data points while when transactions for fraud.

    When does Kount get executed?

    Kount will be executed at the point when the payment is processed. If you are using Shift4Payments, then you will see the "Fraud Analysis" (screenshot below) for all Shift4Payments related transactions. If you are using a different payment provider, then FraudWatch will evaluate those transactions.

    Fraud Analysis.png

    Will my customers’ transactions be declined?

    Our risk team has spent an extensive amount of time analyzing transactions that have a high probability of fraud. Through that process, we have created specific rules that will help identify high-risk transactions to minimize risk and your exposure to chargebacks. In that process, we learned that a small number of total transactions may be fraudulent, and therefore will trigger a decline rule.

    What rules will cause an automatic decline?

    Please click into this Knowledge Base article to see the rules around rejecting transactions. The rules are located under the "Declined Transactions" section of the article.

    Where can I find the declined transactions?

    The declined transactions can be located in the Shift4 Payments section under Reports. In filter by transaction type select “Fraud Rejected”. Example below.

    What happens if a valid transaction is declined?

    In the instance you feel a decline rule was triggered for a valid transaction, please see the instructions in the Reviewing Declined Transactions of the Knowledge Base.

    Do I have to pay for Kount?

    No. The Kount service is automatically enabled and provided at no cost to all Shift4Shop merchants utilizing Shift4 payments.

    Does it matter what version of Shift4Shop I’m using?

    This version of fraud protection will be available on all Shift4Shop stores using Shift Payments past version 11.

    Will this impact my store?

    The Kount fraud protection service is automatically enabled and provided at no cost to all Shift4Shop merchants utilizing Shift4 payments.
    • If you are using Shift4 Payments, this change will be rolled out to your store
    • If you are using a different payment gateway than Shift4 Payments - such as, Stripe, etc, this will not impact your store.

    Where do I go if I need help with Kount?

    As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our customer support team by email at or contact us by phone at 1-800-828-6650.
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