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  • Subject: Shift4Shop version 11.2.2

    Below are release notes for version 11.2.2

    The following issues have been resolved
    1. Transactions Report: Added the ability to see the “time” on the transaction report for each transaction.
    2. Open Store - Merchants with payment gateways outside of Shift4Payments couldn’t previously open their store without signing up for Shift4Payments.
    3. Product Options - When a merchant attempts to use advanced options with the Dropdown Percentage or Radio Percentage that functionality was not available.

    4. Page Editor - White boxes were appearing when using the page editor functionality.
    5. Split Orders - Splitting order shipments while having Avalara and a discount applied to the order, sometimes would result in a negative balance because the tax would be recalculated with each shipment.
    6. Product Breadcrumbs - Special characters were showing as a circle in breadcrumbs
    7. Facebook Commerce - Stores with names including special characters had issues with the onboarding process
    8. Autoresponders: Power Review Template - was not triggering emails within autoresponders template
    9. Rewards Widget: Cbdnaturals-core theme - using single-quote character was breaking the rewards widget
    10. Phone Order: Edit Address - when editing the address through the Phone order system, it deleted the phone number from the address.

    We hope you enjoy these and other improvements we're working on for your stores. Thank you for choosing Shift4Shop!

    How are we doing?

    Please let us know your experience with our releases by filling out this survey.
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    Could you guys please add the ability to sell in multiple quantities for different types of customers. For those of us that sell wholesale & retail we have to create our entire product inventory twice in the system because our retail customers can order in multiples of one, but for our wholesale customers multiples of 6, 12 etc. It makes it extremely difficult to track our inventory this way. Would be awesome to connect different price level customers to different product order quantities and not have to duplicate every single product within our stores twice. I've seen other people asking about the ability to do this for a while within feature requests and also here and there within the forums here. Would be a huge help & improvement for wholesale/retail sellers.