Release Notes: Version 11.2.5

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    Release Notes: Version 11.2.5

    Below are release notes for version 11.2.5

    Feature Enhancement(s)

    1. Avalara - Disabled States: added the ability to disable specific state calculations and still have the built-in backup tax rates be active for tax calculation. When the Avalara checkbox is disabled for specific states (Avalara Settings screenshot), the rates will now default to the manually input rate in the tax manager (Tax Manager screenshot below).

    Avalara Settings


    Tax Manager

    Tax Manager.png

    Bug Fixes:
    1. Phone Orders - Add to cart: Error returned when adding newly created products when the Product Designermodule is enabled
    2. Custom Order Export: Did not include the "time" field in all export scenarios
    3. Shipping Label - Print & Pay: Merchants were unable to print labels if there was no space between address 1 and address 2 fields.

    We hope you enjoy these and other improvements we're working on for your stores. Thank you for choosing Shift4Shop!

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