Release Notes: Version 11.2.7

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  • Release Notes: Version 11.2.7

    Below are release notes for version 11.2.7

    New Feature
    1. Order Management - Declined Transactions: Individual orders now display declined credit card transactions details.
      (KB Article)

      Declined Transaction.png
    Feature Enhancement
    1. Welcome Screen - New Users: updated the layout of the initial dashboard to provide additional instructions on how to set up a new store.

      Welcome Screen.png
    Bug Fixes
    1. Phone Order: page was duplicating the image upload functionality on the template.
    2. Page Editor: functionality to edit and crop images weren’t working as expected.
    3. Payments - Klarna: test button was showing in the admin panel.
    4. FraudWatch Module: error was displaying for Amazon imported orders. Those orders are now bypassed.

    We hope you enjoy these and other improvements we're working on for your stores. Thank you for choosing Shift4Shop!

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