Release Notes: Version 11.2.10

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  • Release Notes: Version 11.2.10

    Below are release notes for version 11.2.10

    Bug Fixes:
    1. Stripe: Merchants had issues when trying to connect to Stripe, while being connected to Shift4 Payments
    2. AliExpress - Import: the import feature would provide an error if products imported were with “name” of over 150 characters
    3. Rest API - Gift Cards: When ordering a "Gift Certificate" product as a customer would on the front-end, the gift certificate generated does not return the correct timestamp on the api
    4. Reward Points: Reward points for certain customer groups weren’t being validated properly when product or customer record was updated
    We hope you enjoy these and other improvements we're working on for your stores. Thank you for choosing Shift4Shop!

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