Release Notes: Version 11.3.0

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  • Release Notes: Version 11.3.0

    Below are release notes for version 11.3.0

    New Features

    Marketing - Facebook Ads: Merchants can easily create and view performance to Facebook Ads right from the platform! Here are the step-by-step instructions.
    2. Login By Email: Merchants can now login using the email address associated with the account.
    3. Login Management: Merchants will no longer need to re-enter their credentials when going to /admin after being authenticated.
    4. Domain Management: Merchants can easily connect subdomains to the platform with the easy-to-use self-service tool.

    Bug Fixes

    1. Support Chat: Added the support chat in the admin login page.
    2. Products API: The frontend API was not working to add products to the cart after removing all products from the cart.
    3. Recurring Orders: The Recurring Orders edit feature wasn’t working as expected.

    We hope you enjoy these and other improvements we're working on for your stores. Thank you for choosing Shift4Shop!

    How are we doing?
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