Attention: Intermittent Server Performance Issues

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  • Attention: Intermittent Server Performance Issues

    The Shift4Shop team has received a response from Microsoft regarding the cause of the intermittent outage issues some of our merchants have been experiencing.

    Microsoft has identified some of its Azure servers as experiencing hard drive issues that can impact Shift4Shop stores. Some of our merchants may experience intermittent downtime or latency, while others may not have any issues at all.

    Microsoft is working to fix the problem on their end. In the meantime, we are monitoring server performance and can mitigate performance issues by rebooting servers when needed. We will continue to keep you updated as this situation resolves.

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    Latest update regarding the current incident.

    Microsoft has reported intermittent Azure service issues due to a failing hard drive in the Azure hosting environment. This issue is impacting three clusters in the Azure East region where a number of Shift4Shop sites are hosted. Microsoft is actively working to replace the failing hard drive and live-migrate Shift4Shop VMs. An ETA for hardware replacement and migration has not been provided by Microsoft. The Shift4Shop team is in contact with Microsoft and will provide an update as soon as an ETA is provided.

    More details on our status page,


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      Latest update regarding the current incident.

      The Shift4 team has worked with Microsoft in making changes to the hosting environment. We are now seeing performance improvements and will continue to monitor until we are certain the issue is fully resolved


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        The latest optimization efforts from the Shift4 team coordinated with Microsoft allowed us to achieve stability in the hosting environment. As a result, overall performance should be at normal levels. Our team will continue to monitor the issue during the following hours closely.