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  • Printful sunsetting legacy API keys

    Valued Merchants,

    This message is intended for all merchants currently using our Printful integration. If you're not currently using the integration, please disregard this message.

    All current Printful API customers will need to switch to new API tokens to continue using the Printful integration.

    Shift4Shop has upgraded its Printful integration to new API tokens, which will improve security.
    • On September 30th, 2022, the creation of legacy API keys was disabled in the Printful Dashboard.
    • Shift4Shop has deprecated the Printful legacy API. Merchants will have to generate their new API token starting now.

    The new API tokens use OAuth 2.0 instead of the HTTP Basic Authentication method, providing security dependability of nearly 100%. If any tokens are compromised, they can be deleted immediately, and API credentials will be safeguarded.

    Please follow the link below for instructions on upgrading your current version. Once you have your new token, you can update it via your Printful app settings page in your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager. Beginning today, you must upgrade your Printful integration.


    Generate Token

    Note: We ran this as a announcement in the Admin for the past week. Since we made the actual switch today, you should see a Pop Up (just for today) that speaks about this.