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changing text size under images

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  • changing text size under images

    I've been able to modify the style sheet for most areas of the template, but am baffled as to how to modify the size of the text that appears under the image. thought i would check with users here on a couple of pondering things i can't figure out... thanks!

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    You can do it by hand in the template file. Its "tag" is [imagecaption1] .

    It does not seem to have a class associated with it, which is why you cant change it through CSS.

    So either go into the template and add whatever style you want to it. Or add a class in the template file, then modify that class in CSS.


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      hmmm, the template file has to be ftp'd yes? seems i read that somewhere in here.

      Thanks for responding!
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        No, you can access it through the site.

        What i do is go to the file on the site, then cut and paste the code into dreamweaver to mess around with it in a more visual way, then cut and paste the code back into the site.

        its here settings>design>template editor>listing_0.html (or whatever template your using for your product.)

        Also keep in mind that once you edit one of these files it moves into your template folder, so then you will have to select the folder for whatever template you use in the upper right hand corner.