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  • Free Shipping Over Certain Amount?

    I am planning on using custom (not real time) shipping. What's the best way to set this up so the customer will automatically get free shipping if they spend over $100.00?

    Should I just 'check' free shipping on every product over this amount? I never could get this to work efficiently with my previous cart.

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    The 2nd box in shipping options is already started with "Free Shipping over $100 as a caption. When you fill in the rate table, add you other ranges and rates and make $100 to $99999 rate .00, leaving the item box unchecked. If I understand your question, this should do it.


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      Okay I'll try that then. Do I do this and still 'check' the free shipping option on each product over $100 though?

      Gonzalo, are you out there right now to help me set this up properely?

      I need the following shipping options:

      Orders over $100 (within continental US) - FREE
      Orders under $100 (within continental US) - $15.00

      I also need these flate rate shipping options:

      Canada (any amount) - $25.00
      Hawaii & Alaska (any amount) - $35.00
      Puerto Rico (any amount) - $50.00
      APO/AE/FPO (any amount) - $10.00

      What's the best way to go about this?

      edit: I opened a ticket for help on this.
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