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  • Flat Rate Shipping Configuration

    I need to set up my USPS for flat rate shipping on foreign orders, because it is just impossible to correctly configure shipping weights. For instance, the basic shipping box may be 8 ounces, and the product only 4 ounces. Well, that would be a 12 ounce shipment, but if they order 4 of that product, the weight of the box is added in 4 times as well, making a 24 ounce package calculate shipping for a 48 ounce package.

    For foreign shipments, I want to just have a flat fee for all shipments to certain countries--we're losing a lot of sales because customers see that their shipping charge is, for example, $120.00 for what really amounts to a 3 pound box! We have a limit of 4 items per shipment so I'm not worried about anyone having a box that is way over the limit.

    I can see where I can do custom shipping based on quantity, weight, etc., but I need to make it based on the country that it is shipping to. Any suggestions?

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    You might consider trying to input the actual weight (less box/packaging) for all products and add (in the shipping profile) and additional x% to cover your handling, shipping supplies, etc.

    Perhaps this is how you're doing it now? I dunno... We struggled for awhile trying to figure out how to deal with the weight of the box, etc. We finally said heck with it and added a small % to the actual (by weight) shipping costs.

    Works for us!