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Version 3.0 Google Indexing Issues

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  • Version 3.0 Google Indexing Issues

    Anyone else check their google webmaster tools lately and drastically lose the number of indexed pages in their sitemap. We had just over 1400 pages indexed before the 3.0 upgrade. The 29th was the next update for us per google webmaster tools to our sitemap. It said 14 pages indexed and figured it was just an error or glitch in google. Our sitemap got indexed again today and we have 157 pages now. I am not sure what happened exactly but it had something to do with the 3.0 upgraded I am pretty sure of it.

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    Yup, I got the same thing.
    So, I think that the url's changed just enough to mess up our google listings. Gonzalo says that they use the same database as the previous version, but I think the url changed a little bit.


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      are you guys using the beta 3.0 version or is it out now?

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        With 3.0 you have the power to do custom filenames for your urls.

        I'd be interested in seeing which pages are no longer being "indexed" by google. More than likely.

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          What I have seen according to google webmaster tools, is that the pages are still indexed, but the sitemap says that only 31 pages out of 365 are indexed. So, google thinks that the url's of the pages changed or the whole pages changed and its taking them forever to re-index them. The only difference that I can see is that the end of the url did change a little bit, just enough for google to mess things up. Here is an example of what i came up with:

          old page

          new page

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            Your example is interesting. Using the urls you posted, it is my understanding these are two different pages with the same content. If you are using Google Analytics or Smarter Stats, compare the vistor traffic on your highest landing pages where the visitors arrive through the organic listings and not by way of advertising. Examine the traffic by time periods both before and after the software change. A decrease in landings to these high traffic pages may indicate that the search engines are treating these as different pages. In fact, if these are two different url's, there should be not be any traffic for new url for dates before the conversion. If version 3.0 created these new urls, they will need to fix the software so that it maintains the same urls or you may need to use 301 redirects.

            It is interesting that both of these pages do appear to be active on your site. Usually, the slightest change to a 3dcart url will cause the old not to function and send the visitor to the home page by way of an automatic 301 redirect, unless a specific redirect to an alternative page was setup before the change.

            However, could it be, this page appears because you have created it twice under different catagories? I wonder how many your catagories have this product. I wonder what the path to this product would reveal if you turned on the breadcrumbs.

            Just some thoughts but maybe others know better.


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              Okay, can you explain the triple xxx links? :eek:


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                I can explain,
                I changed it because some ------- spent half an hour clicking on it driving up the pages visited. didn't even think it would send you to a porn site. oops