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Product Options - Advanced Code???

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  • Product Options - Advanced Code???

    I set up a product options template for Gift Box with the several dropdown choices and values.

    Now, how does the Advanced Options work and what is it for? And what is the Code box in Advanced Options for? Couldn't find anything in the old manual on this. :( Any examples would be appreciated.

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    Code is used if you have a different product code for each one. In the example below, 000 is the code for Red.

    geometric scarf
    red code: 000
    blue code: 001
    green code: 002

    In my case, I use advanced options to track inventory by option. You could also apply a different weight, i.e. 16 oz bottle of Shampoo vs. 8 oz. bottle of shampoo.


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      More Options Questions

      Thanks, Breeze, but wouldn't the part # on the first page work for that? In fact I now see my options page doesn't show the button for advanced options anymore. Was I dreaming or what?
      More questions:
      1) I have three gift box options at different prices. I have a part number for each option. When choosing an option, I see the price on the product page changes, but the product id (which I've added to the template) does not. Is there a way to make this change when the price changes?

      2) I have another option for a Gift Card with a message. It has a price attached (no freebies here :D ) I'm using textbox which shows up fine, yet when the customer fills in the box the price on product page does not change. What am I missing here?

      3) This may be a bug (?) but after setting up these 2 options, if I now go into Products/Options/Templates, only the second one shows up under Template Name. Then, if under the one that shows, I click on "Options" (for that template), it shows me both my templates. What's up with that?

      4) In Firefox I can't add options to categories or products because the "select" doesn't transfer over to the product page. So I have to open IE, which I try to avoid whenever possible. Is this on the list to be fixed?

      5) What would really help is a current manual page on options. How is that software manual coming, Gonzalo? (not like you're not busy enough already ;)


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        ...but wouldn't the part # on the first page work for that?
        I could be wrong, but I would think that it offers additional flexibility. Hopefully, Jimmy or Gil can chime in here.

        1. & 4. Sorry, I cannot help here. I did not utilize the Template Options and I don't use Firefox.

        2. & 3. You're right on both....this must be a bug. I tested it out and saw the same behavior that you reported.

        5. Hopefully, the manual will be updated after the next release.


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          Hi there,

          #1 - ID change, at this time the option ID's are not passed to the listing page so this is not possible. I will add that to the list of things to work on for next update.

          #2 - Text box options do not reflect price change, because its hard to tell if the customer really filled it in or not, what you can do, is add 2 options, 1) Gift box Yes/No could be dropdown or whatever, then the textbox that's free that says "Gift Message".


          Will have to check on and get back to you. #4 is most likely a javascript issue, we've found a few and resolve them, this one i had not seen, i will verify it and fix it.

          #5 - We are working on the documentation, belive it or not Version 2.1 has even more settings in the option page. The new setting is "hide" so you can hide a color that you no longer carry etc. The new documentation will come both in web and PDF/WORD format.

          I am also working on flash videos for the promotion manager, and other areas that are a bit tricky to master ;)
          Gonzalo Gil
          3dCart Support
          800-828-6650 x111


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            Thanks, Breeze & Gonzalo. for your responses.

            One more question: In the cart I would like the "View/Hide Options to just show the option(s) the customer chose. Is there a way to make the options automatically show without the "View/Hide"?

            Looking forward to the new documentation & videos too! Thank you very much for all your hard work.


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              I too would like to know how to make the view/hide function just list the options chosen, instead of making the customer open it to view.


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                Thanks to Gonzalo this was a real easy fix. A one word change in the template view_cart was all that was needed. For anyone else who is "code challenged" like I am, just find this line:

                div id="opt[ITEM_ID]" style="DISPLAY: none" name="opt[ITEM_ID]">[OPTIONS]</div>

                and change none to all. Love it when it's simple! :)