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major problem with export products

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  • major problem with export products

    Hey everyone ~

    I am having an issue exporting my products (it seems to be the ones that are in multiple categories so perhaps one of the categories is causing problems?) When I go to export category "Intimates" or "Accessories" it puts everything in one cell that is a giant run-on and is only pieces of information. ?? My category "swimwear" -which has items that are only in that one category, I have no problem and everything exports fine. I have exported all categories before, but since I added subcategories today the system has gone wonky. I really need to be able to export so I can grab some information to paste into my master copy (which is missing some fields that I manually entered during setup) I really dont' want to have to manually grab them....any ideas? None of the categories or subcategories have "/" in the title - that is the only thing I have found on the forum regarding this issue.

    any help would be great!