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  • Store width varies

    Our store is setup to be 90% and mostly it is. However, often, the width is not resized to 90 % and pushes out to the right side. I can't figure out what or why it doesn't always size to 90% screen width. Using 4:3 monitor. :(
    Anyone else?

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    This isn't really related to your issue. My widths are set to 100%. In Firefox though my left sidebar is about 150px but in IE my left sidebar is about 160px. Because of the difference text and such in the middle section end up moving to the next line in IE since there is 10px less (if that makes sense).

    I know that it is hard to make things the same between Firefox and IE, but still...


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      I had the same issue.
      In the left navigation tabs, there was plenty of room for my text I wanted, but it went to the second line. Very frustrating, and didn't look very good either. Seems there was a px limitation for text in the frame.html. Bumped that up for the particular "frame by ****" section I needed and bingo! Looks great. I think it was in the "LINKS" section of the left bar. for some reason you could only do about 14 characters or so which wasn't enough.

      I wanted something like: Other Real Neat Stuff

      but, it came out
      Other Real
      Neat Stuff

      look real close in the code and you will see what needed fixing.
      I no longer use the frame file we used to use, but the code looked something like this: <td class="menu-headers" width="154"><img border="0" src="spacer.gif" width="154" height="

      The original numbers were like 100 or 90 or something. Perhaps someone else has a better code capture......