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Where do the mystery orders go?

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  • Where do the mystery orders go?

    Every once in a while, orders get lost or disappear. Orders come in numerical order, but, every once in a while, an order may skip a number or two, and we can't account for it anywhere.

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    I just noticed that as well (a few days ago). The only guess I could come up with is that the order number is assigned to one of the "incomplete" maybe the potential customer took an order to one of the final steps of checkout, but then decided to start over for some reason.

    But who knows...that's my pathetic attempt at a guess...especially at 3:30am (insomnia is a bitch :mad: )


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      My experience has been exactly what InvitingWays said - a customer got to the last stage of the ordering process, doesn't finish and then the order registers as an incomplete order. This has only happened a few times, but whenever I have this gap - I've checked the incomplete orders and it's always been there.


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        Yes it is when someone abandons a cart after they've already put in all their info. We have had someone do this and come back in a few days and complete their order, and the number is lower than the most recent order.