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Who's using the affiliate program and how is it working for you?

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  • Who's using the affiliate program and how is it working for you?

    just checking how's it going for folks using the affiliate program.

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    We are using it and it seems to work decently, though I don't have any prior affiliate experience to compare it to. :)

    We only have 3 or 4 affiliates so far. One thing that caught me by surprise is that you have to manually approve affiliate orders before they get commission. I expected that to be automatic, or maybe there is a setting in there somewhere I have not found.



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      approve each and every order?
      or, just approve their registration to become affiliate?

      What is the SETTINGS>GENERAL>Auto Approve Affilates actually do? :confused:


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        The AutoApprove setting is just for when they sign up as an affiliate.

        Orders from the affiliate links work like normal orders, but you have to manually approve them to receive commission. I have been doing it once a week. I guess that is a fraud check or something.




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          Are you folks requiring an SSN or EIN number?


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            I am not, but only becuase our affiliate program is designed specifically for certain organizations that I can verify the existance of otherwise.

            I'd think in case your program became very sucessful and you were paying more than $600/yr to anyone, you would really want that Tax ID info for the 1099.

            If we do affiliates on our other site, which would be more of a public program, we will require it.



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              I'm using it, although I haven't had anyone sign up just yet. I haven't really promoted yet either.

              One note though on the approving orders. I'm guessing that's a fraud prevention thing too. I was reading on an affiliates forum yesterday and there were quiet a few posts about fraudelent orders coming in from sites in China and India. I wasn't aware there was even fraud involved with affiliate programs, apparently there is. So maybe that's why they have you approve the orders.

              It may be a pain but it may save you down the road, so I think it may be a good idea for it to be that way.


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                For you people that are using it, what size of banners did you create?
                Steve Teske
                Director of eCommerce
                Hogan Walker LLC


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                  I did 1 at 607px X 100px and the other 2 at 320px X 100px.

                  I wonder if they might add where the affiliate can do the individual products? Or maybe they already can?? Can they?

                  I'm reading more and more and the Super Affiliates want to use the product links too and also feeds.

                  Anyone know how to setup feeds on 3dcart?