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  • 3.0 - Contact Us Page

    My contact us page is currently what my page was on 2.0. However, 3.0 has a contact_us.html page in the common folder that I would like to use. However, for the life of me I can't seem to get this page to work without copying the html and putting it in one of the extra pages, and even then it isn't 100%.

    It's like it isn't being seen. Am I not understanding this page correctly? What is wrong?

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      I'd submit a simple support ticket asking them what you need to do to use the supplied contact page in the common folder.
      C Ekman
      Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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        If you created or modified the "Contact Us" page in version2 (as we did) on the Settings>Desgin>Site Content section, then it has been overwritten. I suppose you would have to delete or rename that page to use the default contact_us.html page.


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          Yes, I had modified the contact us page in v2.

          I ended up submitting a support ticket. Although I don't know if this applies for everyone, this is the information I received.

          "If you want to use the V3 template, go to settings - design - site content, click content next to contact us, paste crm.asp?action=contactus into the link field, click save changes. Next, go to settings - general - store settings and enable the CRM.

          If the Contact Us page is linked to the CRM, you can add content in the header/footer in the settings - design - titles and content section. If you need modify the layout and form for the contact us page, you can do so via FTP. This page is the contact_us.html page - it can be found in the web/assets/templates/common folder."