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  • Quantity by Product Options

    On V2, I could set up the quantity of a product by the products options.

    Example: I sell a ceramic marker with a fine tip or a regular tip. In the options I set that I have 5 of the fine tip and 2 of the regular tip.

    I am on V3 now, and can't seem to find this. Am I losing my mind? Did it move? Or am I just blind?

    Help. :/

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    I have a support ticket in for this, but haven't heard anything back yet. In trying to figure out where this could have possible went, I noticed under Products --> Inventory this can be addresses. Does this mean we can't do it within the actual product? (b/c that makes more sense to me).


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      I think this is under the Product page. Go to options tab. On this page, look up at the top for a grey button. I think this is where the "ADVANCED" options moved to. I could not find it either at first. I was looking for it where it used to be. And yes, we use advanced options for in-stock quantities of the different sized equipment and also the weight.
      Hope this helps...


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        Yep, I was directed to it. Thanks.

        I have a hard time beliving it was there the whole time, because I seriously hunted for it. But maybe it was and I need to get my eyes checked. :o