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How to import product information?

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  • How to import product information?

    How do you import specific product information?
    There is not a sample file for importing the rewards and such information.
    The import instructions say you cannot add/delete/or change any of the columns in the import file structure. Is this true?
    How do you bulk modify products?:confused:

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    For my jewelry I add them by hand as I make the jewelry.

    But over the years I have had over 13,000 cross stitch books.

    I add them to an Access Database. I have different fields in that database that define things about each book like designer, year published, book number, Retail price, difficulty, description, keywords, etc.

    Then I have a place to define my categories in that spot.

    I then wrote a query that builds the html needed for the product listing page. When I update my inventory, either adding more of existing books or new books - an update date is set.

    I run the query to give me everything since the last update. I copy those query results to a .csv file - then use the import feature of 3DCart to import the changes.

    I've never had a problem. When I first opened it took me a few tries to get the Access query to format the text properly but it works like a charm now and sets all of my categories and sub-categories.

    Here's a sample of one product:

    You can see how it brought in individual fields like year, publisher etc. and created one new field for the description in 3DCart.

    I do all of the HTML for the RED color for condition, blank lines etc. in my MS Access query.
    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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      Thanks. That's some good information.


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        I think that might be beyond my capability.

        Adding products is one of my most dreaded things to do. It takes me forever. I either enter the products one by one (depending on how many there are), or I input the data into excel and import it. Then I go in to each product individually and make changes because there are things that I can do in the excel or maybe I just don't know how to do. Either way it is imensely time consuming. I keep looking for another way, but like I said I think your suggestion might be beyond my capability. I'll have to look into it further to see.