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Google Analytics Can't Track Conversions?

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  • Google Analytics Can't Track Conversions?

    Anyone else having trouble with tracking conversions in the cart via G Analytics?

    This has been a problem since 3.0 came along- but 3D says it's a Google problem. Anyone crack this?

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    we dumped Google Analytics a while back.
    Didn't want a third party script affecting our website performance and thought google was collecting a little bit tooooooooo much information..:rolleyes:
    It doubled all hits and figures anyway.
    Perhaps there is new code or script that must be inserted with the new version of the cart. Does the knowledgebase show anything regarding this?


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      We are have the same issue and planned to submit a ticket to 3dcart. No conversions have been tracked since the 3.0 upgrade.


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        conversion snipppet below the analytics code

        We were having the same problem. This is what I did ...

        I moved the Google Analytics code to the top of my page.
        I placed the conversion code on Checkout #4 in the footer of that page.

        As long as the conversion code is below the tracking code, it should work.


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          The answer is in the tracking code script. Look in the knowledge base for Google Analytics. Download and read the pdf. The tracking code for version 3.0 requires the new script. Replace your old script and this should work. It does for us.


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            Mine has never worked for any of my sites on 2.0 so we left it alone until the upgrade. I just noticed since both sites have been upgraded to 3.0 that one of them is working correctly now.

            Since I've been upgraded I've been looking at the product stats and also there is a conversion report in Reports>Statitics. I didn't notice google analytics was working until just now. Wonder which one is better?

            So since I'm new to both ways I do have some questions. I do notice some slowness every now and then. Does anaylitics really make that much of difference on load times? What about bandwidth? As far as Goolge analytics goes what do you conisider a good conversion rate? I have some reading to do. :)

            By the way I compared to the two sites code to see why the other wasn't working. The code that was there was just one line, not several like I pasted in there before. So I assume the 3dcart guys put the code in?? Anyway comparing the two I noticed and issue on the one that wasn't working. I'll have to wait until after the next order comes in to see if that fixed it. You may want to look at yours. Here's what I found.

            On the Checkout 4 page in the footer, the one that wasn't working had


            and it should be


            I'm not sure if it messed it up when I was upgraded or if I might have done it, that was over a year ago and I haven't looked at it sense. Maybe it'll help.


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              I'm no code person, but, looks like a good catch. Let us know. :)


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                It worked, that was my problem. I got an order shortly after so I waited a few minutes and check google anaytics and it's tracking correctly now.