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How to create a current sitemap?

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  • How to create a current sitemap?

    Is there a way to create a current sitemap?
    Is there a free online sitemap generator anyone can recommend?
    I saw www.xml-sitemaps dot com, but that is limited to 500 links.
    Just curious what you folks use.
    Thanks. :)
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    According to 3DCart this is an advertised feature. Therefore if it doesn't work it's a bug and should be fixed - IMHO.

    Product and Category Index

    To have a SEO Friendly Shopping Cart you need a Site map, 3DCart includes a Product Index and a Category Index that lists all your pages to facilitate the access to the search engines.
    From same link:

    Dynamic Google Sitemap XML Generator

    We use Google Sitemaps to inform Google's crawler about all your pages and to help people discover more of your web pages.
    This text was found at this link:
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      after looking in the export file, I see there is a "last updated" field. If I change the date to present, would this give a current sitemap?


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        if the sitemap filename is changed, that's fine. I just needed them to tell us the new filename is important for links and search engines configs and such. I just didn't know if the functionality is the same, or what? :confused: The product index and category index are different than the sitemap. The reason I was asking about a current sitemap, is the one on the cart doesnt show any new pages we've added in the last two weeks.


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          I have no idea.

          A few weeks ago Jimmy told me there was a sitemap_cache file - or something like that in my FTP files. He said that would stay there for 15 days and then update - That's the way I understood it.

          He told me if I wanted it to update sooner to just delete the CACHE file and it would take care of itself automatically.

          I did that and it still had a manual sitemap.xml file that I had created way last August.

          I told Jimmy about that and he 'fixed' it and told me it should be fine now. That's all I know - is that mine is supposed to work automatically.
          C Ekman
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            Here is the reply I got from Jimmy when I asked if the sitemap would update automatically. Please note - I have no idea if this applies to everyone - but it's what he told me. I'm assuming my sitemap.xml updates automatically every 15 days - more frequently if I delete the cached file. If it isn't then that's not what I was told.

            Yes, just as described at

            Now, once the sitemap is generated, it gets cached for 15 days. You can delete the cached file via FTP inside the web folder looking for the sitemap_cache.txt file.
            Quotes from my support ticket - not saying it is the same for everyone.
            C Ekman
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              Thanks you for the information cekman!
              That is very useful info for us! :D :) :D
              That explains why our sitemap wasn't current! :)


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                sitemap solution

                this is the solution:

                Go to settings>>general>>store settings, scroll down and change you store url to include

                then go to settings>>general>>store modules and scroll down and hit "update file names" and save.

                go to your ftp and find the folder "web", inside the folder find file "sitemap_cache.txt" and delet it

                open any brobser and type and your new sitemap will be created.