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Modify Shipping Method per Product?

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  • Modify Shipping Method per Product?

    Any one know a way to modify what shipping methods are available to each product?
    For instance, some products cannot ship by UPS, but, can by DHL or something. Any way to set what shipping methods available at the product level?

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    I have this issue too. I asked via a chat and they said that there wasn't an option for this. We send out free samples but the user has to pay the shipping and the most affordable way to ship it is USPS. So the way I worked around it was to set the item's weight to .2, and made a shipping method for USPS that ships items that are between 0 and .2 lbs. All other shipping method options are for items .3 lbs and above, this way no options come up. May or may not work for you but that's how I did it.