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Lowest price shown for multi option products

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  • Lowest price shown for multi option products

    We have several products that come in different sizes and quantities.
    For example:

    Small - case of 1000 cost $100
    medium - case of 500 cost $75
    large - case of 150 cost $65


    We like to list small as the default and then medium and then large.
    Problem, whatever is listed default, the price for options are driven off that.
    So, in this scenario, the defaul would be $0 value and the medium would be - $25 and the large - $35
    However, the search engines pull the default item price, so we appear too expensive. Any ideas on this one?
    We really don't like to list large and then medium then small, in that order. :o

    PS: If we left the small to large sorting and simply checked the "default" selected radio button to be the least expensive size, would that be the price picked up by the search engines??
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    we tried a few things , and turns out, the default price is the only one you can use. So, we just put the lowest price in the info page and based all the option prices off that. looks kind of corny, but, there is no workaround as far as search engines.... :(