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  • Zero Qty items

    Just wondering how others handle the following situation. Your input would be helpful...

    Customer's order includes an item that is on backorder. We notify them
    that the item will not be available for 2 weeks. They decide that they
    don't want that item, but they want the rest of their order.

    On our previous cart, we could set the qty on the items that he no
    longer wants to 0. However, the item was still listed on the order. So
    that we could reference and print the order showing that he ordered the
    item, but 0 was shipped. This only applies to orders edited in the admin panel.

    Now, we are having to copy the items and the qty to the notes, so that we don't lose the information. When the item qty is set to 0, the item is deleted from the order.

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    I agree that you should be able to change the qty on the admin so it stays part of the order history for the customer. They may want to order it on their next visit. Is there be a way though to note that the line item was cancelled vs. backordered. There should be room for a word to be entered on the line so the customer doesn't forget and think it's backordered, no?